Landshare – Elevate the Real Estate Domain

The Landshare platform seeks to seamlessly merge blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and real estate.

Merging Domains

Bringing two different domains together, such as real estate and cryptocurrencies, may appear impossible, but it is not.

There are numerous options for creating different domains and revolutionizing the crypto industry with DeFi technology. By eliminating the middleman and putting power in the hands of investors, DeFi has the potential to disrupt all existing financial institutions. 

This is how Landshare was developed; it is a platform built on the DeFi ecosystem that distinguishes itself from other blockchain real estate opportunities.


The Landshare platform is a growing concept that combines DeFi and real estate to generate a uniquely profitable and reliable product via the combination of real estate and yield farming-based features.

Landshare brings real estate to the Blockchain, providing a convenient alternative to traditional real estate investments. The program offers typical DeFi yield farming via the Property Vault, but with a twist: BUSD payouts are set in part by real estate market values. In a future upgrade, Landshare will also provide tokenized assets. 

Individuals will have the ability to participate in house flips and other investing forms through the platform. The characteristics are intended to provide members with direct exposure to the blockchain. 

Landshare also discovered a way to combat property appreciation by allowing investors to take advantage of it in the United States without purchasing an entire property or having direct involvement in the real estate market and house flipping. 

This is where Landshare’s Crowdfunded House Flipping features come in, allowing investors to lock BUSD stablecoins to split the profit. 

In addition, the Landshare team or third-party investors will tokenize an LLC that owns a single real estate asset and sell equity in the asset through the sale of the token. The token can be resold for a Land token fee or sold directly to another approved investor for no fee, but it cannot be sold on the general market.

Main Features

The platform’s significant features will provide individuals with new perspectives on the crypto space.  The following are the platform’s primary features: 

Asset Tokenization –  The platform provides accessible investment options in the real estate industry with this function. This feature is an excellent way to turn real estate into a liquid asset class by use of  the security token.It is any asset whose ownership is reflected on the blockchain by a security token.

Landshare Property Vault – Based on the BUSD vault, its returns are computed in part based on real estate market prices. The platform and yield farming generate property vault yields distributed via smart contracts based on real estate market data. 

Dual-Reward System – Represents stablecoin (BUSD) dividends as well as Landshare Token payouts. Stakers will receive a BUSD dividend according to their percentage share of the vault; these funds are generated on-chain but are determined in part by real estate market value.


The Landshare platform has its token, with a total supply of 10 million, 158,342 in circulation, a market valuation of 444,941, and a token price of $2.81. 

In the beginning, the platform had three initial pre-sales: 

The first phase, called the Seed Round, represented 10% of their total cap and has sold out with a price of 0.3 per token. 

Their second phase, Seedify, had 1.875% of their total circulation with a price of 0.8 per token and has been sold out already. 

The last phase, which was named SuperLauncher IDO, had a 1.5% of the total cap and a price of 1$, and it has been completed and sold out.

The remainder of their token will be allocated as follows:

Their staff will receive 15%

Advisors and marketing will receive 5%

Liquidy will receive 0.75% 

The characteristics of their token:

Stablecoin Vault


Buyback & Burn


Upcoming features

Landshare also attempts to introduce many other characteristics to the market to be as distinct as possible through the services and products they offer. 

Crowdfunded House Flipping, Governance Protocol, and Tokenized Asset Purchases will be introduced in the future. 

Landshare provided numerous previously unavailable features in the crypto space, which opened the door to a new class of specialists and curious investors who wanted to participate. Landshare also provides several options but does not own or manage real estate assets. 

Prepare to be a part of an exciting initiative in the crypto industry.

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