Landshare Celebrates 1-Year, Looks Ahead for More

Among other plans, the protocol will partner with third-party realtors to give investors more property options.

Landshare Turns One 

Blockchain-based real estate investment platform, Landshare recently marked its first anniversary and is sounding upbeat about its prospects for the future.

Landshare, which launched in April 2021, detailed its first year’s significant achievements and future plans in a Medium post on April 25. The platform highlighted that it was the first protocol to offer tokenized blockchain-based real estate investments on BNB Chain. Landshare boasted of having brought several innovations to BNB Chain:

“The Landshare platform has stood strong for one year now!” Landshare eulogized, “Over this last year, we’ve introduced many new features, some that the @BNBCHAIN has never seen before. So, what does the future hold, and what are the next steps?”


Landshare’s successful tokenization of real-world real estate property is its most significant achievement for the year, indeed. On November 30, 2021, the platform tokenized a home worth $170,000 and offered it to the public to invest at a minimum of $50. Landshare successfully demonstrated crowd-funded real estate investment on the blockchain, the first of its kind on the BNB Chain. The platform used blockchain to lower the entry barrier for investing in real estate. It was a novel decentralized finance (DeFi) use-case that other platforms mimicked soon after. 

Future Outlook

To retain its competitive edge in its 2nd year in the industry, the Landshare team targets to implement new changes and features. These new tweaks will include:

  • Expanded Property options

Additional properties will be added, especially those with good returns potential, to give investors more choices. The team also hopes to explore other possibilities like international properties, rentals, etc. 

  • Third-party listings

Landshare plans to scale up its utility by partnering with real estate organizations and individuals to tokenize and sell properties on the platform. 

  • Listing on Major Centralized Exchanges

Based on market conditions and to give exposure to the brand, the platform will list its $LAND token on centralized exchanges. 

  • Redesign of Website

The team will upgrade the platform’s website with a professional and result-oriented presentation. The aim is to show the website’s visitors the platform’s vision and services at a glance.

HERE is the team’s anniversary blog post for more information about the platform’s future outlook. 

Business media organization, Forbes, predicts that by the year 2025, the real-estate synergy with blockchain will result in most investments being offered in tokenized format. Having pioneered the concept on BNB Chain, Landshare intends to continue innovating to keep its place as the leading DeFi solution for real estate on that chain. 

What is Landshare:

Landshare is a property platform built on BNB Chain, created to bring real-world tangible assets on-chain. With Landshare, users can own a stake in yield generating tokenized real estate.

The platform works similarly to most yield protocols on the BNB Chain network. Landshare generates value from rentals, real estate, and flipping properties rather than attaching revenue generation to tokenomics or intangible concepts.

Where to find Landshare:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube 

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