Landshare Brings House Flipping to BNB Chain

Landshare makes it possible to enter the world of real estate through the blockchain with its first Fix and Flip listing.

Landshare’s First Fix and Flip Offering Goes Live November 21st

As blockchain continues to transform existing industries, a new paradigm for real estate investment has emerged. Through asset tokenization, real world assets can be bought, sold, and traded fractionally on the blockchain.

Landshare previously offered the first tokenized rental property on BNB Chain, and are now applying their expertise to conduct the chain’s first Tokenized House Flip.

What is House Flipping?

House flipping is when a real estate investor purchases an undervalued house in need of repairs, performs renovations, and sells it for a profit. House Flipping works because properties that need repairs are often undervalued. Most homeowners are not interested in a project and want something that they can move into right away. Many passive investors want properties that are rental ready. This creates an opportunity for hands-on investors who are willing to take on homes that need a bit of a face lift.

How Does Tokenized House Flipping Work?

With Landshare’s Tokenized House Flipping feature, you can invest in a house flip while they handle the renovation and sale of the property. The process looks like this:

  1. Landshare creates a new legal entity responsible for the ownership, renovation, and sale of the property.
  2. The ownership units of this entity are converted to tokens.
  3. Tokens are sold to investors to help cover the renovation costs of the property.
  4. After the renovation is complete, the property is sold.
  5. When the property is sold, token holders redeem their House Flipping Tokens for their share of the sale proceeds.

About the Property

The first property on Landshare’s Tokenized House Flipping feature is a charming single-family home. This 4-bed 2-bath property offers plenty of space with a large family room, and a backyard perfect for entertaining. The central location to schools, grocery stores, and nearby parks make it the perfect home to any family or couple that wants a forever home that they can grow in to.

With a little effort, this property can be elevated from its neglected condition into a full updated, modern home. Each room will be updated from head-to-toe to make buyers feel like they are viewing a newly constructed property. Some paint, flooring, and hardware will give this property the facelift it needs to make anyone want to move in. Learn more about the property by clicking here.

What is Landshare:

Invest in Tokenized Real Estate with as little as $50 directly on the blockchain through the Landshare platform. Landshare’s property offerings are carefully vetted and hand selected among thousands of potential options. View the current offerings on the Landshare platform.

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