Landshare: Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

Real estate investment powered by the blockchain is novel and innovative use-case. Landshare is about to bring in the traditional investment asset of real estate onto the blockchain as an investment service for BSC users.

What is Landshare?

The platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network is set to bring real-world tangible assets of real estate, generate yield for users, and create a bridge between the blockchain economy and real estate. 


The platform will work similarly to most yield protocols on the BSC network; instead of attaching revenue generation to tokenomics or random concepts without real value, Landshare will generate its value from rentals, real estate, and flipping properties. In essence, you are buying a share of the Landshare properties, and the money generated backed by the blockchain. Please note that participation in Landshare does not constitute legal ownership of properties or organizations affiliated with Landshare.

Key Features

Landshare property vaults

Landshare staking

Hassle-Free Investment

Dual Reward System

Crowd Funded House Flipping

Project Components

Landshare Property Vault

The property vault will be the flagship aspect of the project. The platform, which features a fully collateralized investment backed by real estate, will promote a hassle-free fractional real estate investment.Using the blockchain allows for increased security and transparency and allows users to take advantage of the current high yields in the space. 

Landshare Property Vault System

Here is how it works:

Investors stake stablecoins into the vault representing a fractional investment in Landshare properties.

Funds are used to acquire additional properties.

The acquired properties are rented out to tenants, and the proceeds return to stakers in stable coins paid out in BUSD and Landshare tokens.

Staking in the property vault requires a three months commitment. This will allow the team to plan and make good use of the vault balance. 

Landshare Staking:

This staking will be primarily different from the property vaults. Here, there will be no limitation to the number of tokens that can be staked. The APR will vary depending on the total number of tokens being staked. The rewards for this pool are not minted but rather are purchased from the open market. There will be a 1% deposit fee, for which all will go back to the stake reward pool.

Hassle-Free Investments

Acquisition of properties worldwide is generally problematic, ranging from keeping up with the insurance, house maintenance and property taxes. These making the real estate industry complex and teidous for the average investor. However, with Landshare, all that is about to change. The team will handle all the complex work and paperwork to make hassle-free real estate investments.

Dual Reward System:

The platform uses a dual reward system, a BUSD stablecoin payout, and Landshare tokens for its stakers. The stablecoin payout will be done after the team takes out all money generated from the properties, deduct property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. The profits will then be transferred back into the vault in the form of BUSD. You will be entitled to a payout proportional to your percentage share of the vault. Property Vault stakers will also earn Landshare Tokens. The number of Landshare tokens you receive will vary based on the token price and the current stablecoin payout.

Dual Reward System of Landshare Token and BUSD

Crowd Funded House Flipping

As seen on Bloomberg, the house flipping will debut after the successful launch of the Landshare project. Here, investors will be allowed to pool funds together to purchase, renovate, and resell properties. Landshare token holders will gain priority access to these high-yield pools, which pay out a lump sum reward upon completing the sale.

The presale is Live!

The presale is still on for interested investors who want to access the Landshare tokens and platform at an early stage. Presale details, requirements, and how to participate are available HERE.

The platform will feature a donation system that allows the community to give back to Earth’s initiative as a deflationary mechanism to the tokens. The Landshare Team will accept donations in Landshare Tokens, 50% of which will be burned. The total USD value of the contributions will be matched by 25%, and the money will be sent to an environmental or housing-related charity.

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