L1 Comparison: Since Crypto Crash, BNB Holds Value Better Than ETH, SOL

Despite a drop in BNB Chain’s active addresses and transactions, $BNB still outperformed $ETH and $SOL.

Losses All Around

Following the highs that the major layer-one (L1) smart contract platforms — EthereumBNB Chain, and Solana — enjoyed in 2021, this year so far has been marked with significant declines in growth metrics for these L1 platforms and their respective native tokens.

Amongst the three leading platforms, since reaching their respective all-time highs (ATHs) last November, BNB Chain has suffered the most decline in the number of transactions processed on the network. 

Data show that the user transactions on BNB chain have fallen by 58.2% from the day of its ATH, while the transactions processed on the Solana and Ethereum Networks are down 18.1% and 13.7%, respectively.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Further, a look at the index for daily active addresses on each chain since the day of their respective ATHs revealed a disappointing performance on BNB Chain. While Ethereum saw a 27.2% decline and Solana saw a 20.4% decline, BNB Chain recorded a 68.8% decline within the same period.

Source: CoinMarketCap

BNB’s Silver Lining

Despite its declining on-chain performance, since all three tokens touched their ATHs, the BNB token has outperformed the ETH token, which dropped by 77.1% as of July 11, and the SOL token, which registered an 87% decline. The BNB token “only” experienced a 65.5% decline over the same period.

Factoring in the recent rally after ETH’s confirmation of a September date for The Merge, $BNB is still outperforming $ETH and $SOL, with $BNB down 60% since its November 2021 high, compared to 68% for $ETH and 82% for SOL.

Source: Santiment

Source : bsc.news

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