KuCoin Has Listed OOE and OpenOcean is Celebrating Through a 48,000 OOE Listing Campaign

KuCoin hosts massive OOE giveaways for participating in two separate reward campaigns. Details can be found below.

How to Earn Free OOE Tokens

KuCoin has now listed OpenOcean ($OOE) and is hosting a massive giveaway of OOE! 48,000 OOE tokens in total are up for grabs! The news of the massive OOE giveaway reward campaign was made public on July 11th via a KuCoin news article

KuCoin will host two separate activities, each offering a shared pool of 24,000 OOE tokens.


Activity #1

As mentioned above, KuCoin is hosting 2 separate activities for the OOE token listing campaign. The first activity, where a pot of 24,000 OOE tokens are up for grabs, can be won by having the highest net buying volume (buy – sell) of OOE on KuCoin.

The prize distribution is shown above | Source

Activity #2

The second activity users can participate in to win their share of a separate 24,000 OOE reward giveaway is by having a net buying volume of 1,000 OOE or more. Once completed, said user will win a lucky draw from the Activity #2 24,000 OOE giveaway pool.  

Note: Users with a rank number containing 0 will be eligible to claim a share of the prize pool. This means that luck draws that are eligible for winning begin at rank 101 and include 102, 103, 104, all the way to 1000. 

The major reward giveaway comes hot off the heels of OpenOcean’s very recent OOE airdrop and liquidity mining announcement. As OpenOcean continues to excel in the DeFi space, it would seem their token launch was planned well, as the OOE token has seen tons of action in the last few days! 

What is OpenOcean?

OpenOcean is a Binance Smart Chain project that looks to act as a bridge between DeFi and CeFi, aiming to provide investors with the best trading, lending and borrowing options. The platform hopes to connect both finance worlds and already offers users and investors a huge list of features. These features include but are not limited to derivatives, insurance, cross chain support and much more. 

The platform boasts the lowest slippage rates and competitively fights for the best token/coin prices. In their 6 months since launch, OpenOcean has seen $800 million in aggregate volume on their platform. Now OpenOcean has introduced $OOE which will offer governance and has the community eagerly awaiting products and features from OpenOcean that will be utilized with OOE token.

Source : bsc.news

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