KuCoin Declares 2022 a Success ‘Despite Crypto Winter’ in Annual Review

Major Centralized Exchange KuCoin reported growth in users, transaction volumes and employee headcount in 2022. It plans to hire 20% more people in 2023.

KuCoin Reports Growth in Users, Employees

Major Centralized Exchange KuCoin reported significant growth during a challenging year in 2022, increasing the amount of registered users, transaction volumes, and staff.

According to its Annual Review, the number of KuCoin users grew by 13 million in 2022 and now surpasses 27 million. Spot and futures transactions grew by 52% to more than $3.6 trillion. And the exchange’s employee base grew by 39% in 2022, with plans to add 20% more employees in 2023.

Source: KuCoin

“The full 2022 KuCoin review showcases that the exchange has achieved considerable traction in its global expansion and product deployment,” according to a news release accompanying the review. “However, much needs to be done in the industry to rebuild user trust and focus on building, innovating, and raising industry standards of transparency, security, and compliance.”

 Other highlights from the review include:

  • Record highs for futures and spot trading were achieved in May
  • More than 7 million users joined from the Asia-Pacific region, an increase of 191%
  • More than 750 digital assets, including more than 1,300 trading pairs, can be traded on KuCoin
  • KuCoin was among the first CEXes to publish Proof of Reserves information
  • The KuCoin wallet went live in June
  • KuCoin Ventures invested in more than 50 blockchain companies in 2022
  • KuCoin Labs invested about $15 million in 30 projects and three blockchain funds, doubling its 2021 investments.

Read the report here.

What is KuCoin:

KuCoin is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 700 altcoins. The KuCoin platform has around 27 million regular users in over 207 countries. It has a daily trading volume of around 800 Million USD and is currently ​​a top-five crypto exchange.

Where to find KuCoin:

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