Kryxivia Recaps Alpha Progress

The gaming project is expected to release by the end of the month.

Kryxivia Alpha 0.1

PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project on BNB Chain, Kryxivia, recaps progress for the Alpha release of their project.

The Kryxivia team took to their Twitter account on March 24 to update their community on the progress of the Alpha release of the project. The PlayToEarn project expects a timeline of the end of March for a playable Alpha for the project. 

“We are working hard towards the release of our alpha! Join discord and telegram to get live announcements from the team, meanwhile here is a recap here,” Kryxivia said in a Twitter thread. “Most of the UI work is done (enough for Alpha) and is now in testing. There are 7 stories left to do in the critical path.”


The Kryxivia team is testing the game from end to end, looking for bugs within the system prior to releasing their playable Alpha. With most of the bugs being minor glitches in the game, the team expects to finish this testing in a week’s time. 

The secondary screen’s user interface, spell special effects, and armor and weapon skins have been the focus of the team. Blockchain integration of NFTs, dungeon matchmaking, and selection are the next main focus of the team prior to the Alpha release.

What is Kryxivia?

Kryxivia is an PlayToEarn MMORPG GameFi project built on the BNB Chain that is still in the early parts of development. They target the beta release on the mainnet somewhere in Q2 of this year. It is built in a fantasy metaverse where all spells, characters, and items are NFTs accessible in the game and on the blockchain. 

The main lore of the game revolves around a recently discovered mine holding magical gems from an ancient civilization. These gems hold a power that everyone wants to get a hold of. Players can team up to form a party of four and enter the mines to farm Kryxit gems, which will be used to learn and cast spells in the game. Players also need KXS tokens to link these spells to specific items with the blacksmith’s help.

Where to find Kryxivia:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Litepaper |

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