Kryxivia Game Announces Numerous Partnerships

Unity will be one of the partners of the PlayToEarn blockchain GameFi project.

PlaytoEarn Projects Better Together

Binance Smart Chain built GameFi PlayToEarn project, Kryxivia, announces numerous partnerships with NFT projects and staple names in the gaming industry.

The most notable of the different partnerships that the Kryxivia team has made is with game creating software company Unity Games. The official Kryxivia twitter account announce the agreement between the two parties on January 14.

“We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with @unitygames as they will be hosting our game servers on their Multiplay Platform among other big AAA games such as Apex Legends.” Kryxivia tweeted.


Unity games will be hosting the game servers of the browser based game via their Multiplay platform. Kryxivia also partnered with Monster Ape Club where Kryxit Shards will give the Ape NFTs unique traits that will give owners exclusive ape skins inside the Kryxivia game. The team also partnered with CryptoMuntant and will be giving away 100 exclusive NFTs from CryptoMuntant and whitelist spots for Kryxivia. 

“Captains, meet  Kryvixia – our new strategic partner! Kryvixia is a fantasy 3D MMORPG. Together we will exchange the technology and build up an #NFT Metaverse that can benefit the users of two ecosystems. New partners – new opportunities. #MetaFish” World of Defish tweeted.

A unique and collaborative partnership was made with World of DeFish where a version of both projects could possibly exist in the same metaverse.

“Thrilled to announce our partnership with @WorldOfDefish! Get ready with your fishing rod in the Kryxivia metaverse to win some NFTs!” retweeted Kryxivia.

What is Kryxivia?

Kryxivia is an PlayToEarn MMORPG GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain that is still in the early parts of development. They target the beta release on the mainnet somewhere in Q2 of this year. It is built in a fantasy metaverse where all spells, characters, and items are NFTs accessible in the game and on the blockchain. 


The main lore of the game revolves around a recently discovered mine holding magical gems from an ancient civilization. These gems hold a power that everyone wants to get a hold of. Players can team up to form a party of four and enter the mines to farm Kryxit gems, which will be used to learn and cast spells in the game. Players also need KXS tokens to link these spells to specific items with the blacksmith’s help.

Learn more about the game by reading their litepaper or visiting their website.

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