Kryptomon – Blockchain Gaming Meets Monster Taming

The platform seeks to tie nostalgic gameplay with a play-to-earn ecosystem that is supported by high-profile industry experts.

Introducing Kryptomon

Kryptomon is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) GameFi project that takes after the vein of Pokemon and Tamagotchi – with a little bit of CryptoKitties mixed in. The Kryptomon project is made up of members of a major Venture Building company based out of Europe, international members who are successful serial-entrepreneurs and leading-blockchain industry figures. The Kryptomon project is also backed by a few well-known VCs, leading angle investors from the international gaming and tech industry, and has various well-known industry advisors. The primary focus of the project is to appeal to both nostalgia and the recent buzz surrounding Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games by creating an experience that merges both.

Kryptomon seeks to solve the issue of static gameplay by creating a more form of immersive gameplay that merges monster taming with pet ownership. They seek to appeal to the imagination of the player, hoping that users will form a bond with their Kryptomon that goes beyond earning income from them. Kryptomon is powered by the $KMON token, which will be used to provide liquidity to the platform and serve as the in-game currency.

How Kryptomon Works

Playing Kryptomon hearkens back to nostalgic days for many. Users of the platform acquire Kryptomon NFTs (either as an unhatched Egg or a regular Kryptomon) which they then are responsible for caring for and training. Every Kryptomon is procedurally generated using 38 different genes to guarantee its uniqueness – not even the developers know exactly what the Kryptomon will look like. They also have their own unique stats which will determine their battle effectiveness and how to utilize them.

The main purpose of gameplay is taking care of your Kryptomon and training them for the upcoming adventure-style gameplay on the platform. Play-to-Earn aspects will be tied into gameplay, allowing users to earn $KMON through a variety of different methods.

Users can purchase a variety of items that can be used to boost their Kryptomon’s attributes as well as provide in-game effects (similar to items in the Pokemon franchise). Battle mechanics will be turn-based, with a simple UI that is highly reminiscent of successful RPG games of the past.

Kryptomon Achievements

Kryptomon has already achieved a large portion of their roadmap goals, indicating the team is motivated to help the project succeed.

Here’s a look at some of the recent achievements by the platform:

Egg Lotteries – Kryptomon has officially launched $KMON staking as of September 10th. Users can earn lottery tickets through the platform by staking their $KMON tokens to get a chance to win free rare and exclusive eggs every week. Kryptomon has begun holding the egg lotteries each week starting on September 10th. Each week a certain number of Eggs are available to win – along with a chance to win one of 2 Gen 0 Eggs, the most rare Eggs of all. 

Egg Hatching – Players can now begin hatching their Eggs to see what Kryptomon they have obtained, and can trade their Kryptomon on secondary marketplaces like Mochi Market and Lootex.

Partnership with TofuNFT – Kryptomon has just partnered with TofuNFT to open their official Kryptomon NFT store on the marketplace. Along with being able to buy and sell Kryptomon, 100 lucky traders on the marketplace will get the chance to receive 100% of their transaction fees back from TofuNFT. To celebrate the partnership, Kryptomon and TofuNFT will be hosting a special Gen 0 Egg (lately a similar Gen 0 Egg was sold on the market for 40 BNB), starting at just $5 USD on October 30th, with no reserve price! 

“As part of our preparations to our upcoming game launch in November, we have partnered with TofuNFT, who are one of the leading NFT marketplaces on the Binance Smart Chain, in order to provide our players and investors an advanced, active and professional platform to trade their Kryptomon NFTs,” Tomer Warschauer Nuni, Kryptomon’s CMO, said on the new partnership. “To celebrate this new partnership, we are giving a rare chance to buy a one-of-a-king Gen 0 Egg in a no-reserve auction.”

Kryptomon Roadmap

The Kryptomon roadmap is filled with updates for the end of 2021 and the first three quarters of 2022. By the end of November the team plans to launch what they are calling V1.0, where the Tamagotchi-esque aspects of the game (caring for/training your Kryptomon) will launch. Players will then have around 3 months to train their Kryptomon (and increase the value of their NFTs!) before the battling aspects are introduced. 

Around the same time the Kryptomon marketplace will launch. The marketplace will serve as a secondary market for Kryptomon NFTs and offer special discounts on trading fees and flexibility in terms of exchanging Kryptomon.

In December their partnership with Simplex will go into effect, allowing users to directly buy $KMON without the need of an exchange. In January, breeding will launch, allowing players to breed their Kryptomon to discover exciting new variants and upgrade their squad before battling begins!

A Big Partnership is Coming

Kryptomon is working with a highly-successful AAA gaming studio to design their NFTs, along with crypto industry partnerships with projects like Babylons, Space SIP, and Lootex. However, they have another surprise in store; a top-tier mobile gaming industry player has officially joined the team as an investor and advisor! The team will be revealing the identity of the new partner in an official dedicated announcement, so stay tuned to their socials to find out who the new partner could be.

Concluding Thoughts

Kryptomon is a project that returns you to simpler times when your greatest challenge was wondering how to defeat your rival in the Elite 4 Champion battle. Along with their nostalgic vibes, Kryptomon is seamlessly merging the buzz of the modern gaming industry in play-to-earn gaming into their retro-style experience. 

With strong backing from established gaming titans, exciting partnerships with soon-to-be-revealed industry figureheads, and a jam-packed roadmap, Kryptomon seems to be a potentially top GameFi project in terms of potential. 

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