King Defi AMA Transcript

The first AI yield farming aggregator on Binance Smart Chain & Solana.

All questions answered by Mark

Lola(AMA HOST): Can the Team member of KingDefi say hi?

Mark Twight: Hi to all the community!! we are ready to start💪

Lola(AMA HOST): Hello Mark! Hope you’re good ☺️

Mark Twight: Super, thanks

Lola(AMA HOST): The first session starts now. I believe you’re ready. Please type done when you’re through with a question.


Mark Twight: ok perfect

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and KingDefi? Could you tell us your role in the project?

Mark Twight: KingDeFi is a DeFi project combining two main areas: analytics and monitoring where we provide a market overview, liquidity pool search engine and portfolio tracking to users and farming as we are a yield optimizer project on BSC and Solana. 

I am the CEO and founder of King DeFi, I come from banking and technology background, working mainly in Switzerland and Europe

Lola(AMA HOST): Okay. Thanks.

How has been your experience so far?

Mark Twight: Very well! we have been growing very fast in terms of users and community, plus we have been keeping delivering new functionalities on the platform and integrated some of the major projects such as autofarm, swampy, acryptos and today we will go live with Belt too. Some numbers:

#️⃣ +4500 active users of the platform

#️⃣ +2000 active users per week

#️⃣ +1800 Telegram members

#️⃣ +3000 Medium reads

Lola(AMA HOST): Great. Good to hear that.

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Mark Twight: We are an international team: Germany-Italy-Switzerland and are based in Zurich. The founders have a finance background and coding/engineering background mainly in Dapps development and blockchain projects.

The team is composed by myself, 4 engineers, 1 marketing person and 1 person focusing on strategy. So 7 people in total but we are currently hiring as the project growth and we want to deliver all milestones on the roadmap. You can find as well all details on our Medium channel:

Q3. Can you tell the Community about Krown Presale that’s coming up on May 24 and why people should buy during the Presale?

Mark Twight: We decided to run the presale on our website, without using a launchpad in order to ensure that all our users can have then an easy access to it. 

There are mainly 2 rounds and logically price is cheaper in the first round & second round, we will then have an IDO on Pancakeswap on the 21 June. 

Why should users buy during presale? 

It’s logical: you get a discounted price, you can access KROWN before IDO and this is a great opportunity for our users and community. 

On medium you can find all details related to our presale:

Q4. Can you tell us about how  KingDefi works generally?

Mark Twight: With King DeFi users can search across the entire BSC ecosystem best performing pools, access various on-chain advanced analytics and view their own portfolio

At the same time as we are yield optimizer, we are launching our own farms in July, immediately after Pancakeswap IDO 

Lola(AMA HOST): That’s great. When is the Pancakeswap IDO?

Mark Twight: 21th of June 11.00 UTC

Q5.How many Partners do you have and how have they helped your Project  KingDefi?

Mark Twight: We work with numerous partners, we have some involved on the marketing side:

Such as Cointelegraph,, BSC.daily and as well an agency helping us on the marketing campaign strategy. 

At the same time as we are based in Switzerland and the ecosystem here is strongly supporting crypto startups we collaborate with various associations (e.g

Lola(AMA HOST): I’m what areas have they helped KingDefi?

Mark Twight: Mainly helping to open up doors with various important crypto institutions in Zug, as well on the regulatory side and now that we are hiring and growing, they introduced us some candidates from ETH Zurich University

Q6. Can you share with our community the plans you and your project have for this year and the coming years?

Mark Twight: We have a very strong timeline with some important milestone that we are going to achieve in the incoming months, some functionalities as you can see on our platform are already live and delivered: 

Q1 2021 March – Market Overview go-live main dashboard

An advanced analytics interface allowing knights to dive into the BSC DeFi market outlook. With 50+ projects already listed within an advanced UI, the Kingdom provides specific TVLs ratios and on-chain analysis

Q2 2021 April – Pool Dashboard

Innovative pool search interface, aggregating top performing pools & vaults in one place. The Kingdom allows knights to search and generate analytics across the best yield optimizers and aggregators

Q2 2021 May – IDO

Initial Dex Offering with major BSC exchanges.

Q2 2021 June – Yield aggregator launch

The King’s creation of the Kingdom’s own vaults and LPs.

Q3 2021 July – Advanced smart contracts integration: FTDP

FTDP (Fixed Term Deposit Pools) advanced smart contract “go-live”.

Q4 2021 – Portfolio Tracking

UI portfolio tracking interface deployment, allowing knights to monitor, control and view advanced portfolio analytics across their DeFI DeFi project investments

Q4 2021 – Solana

The King expands his offering to the Solana ecosystem and blockchain

Lola(AMA HOST): What stage are you now?

Mark Twight: We are live with the first two points above, and yield farming contracts are with auditors, so very closed to be finalize for July, we are matching all our goals and milestone as of now💪

Lola(AMA HOST): That’s great. Keep it up

Q7. What are the major challenges of KingDefi and how do you intend to solve them?

Mark Twight: One of the main challenge is to provide consistent and best performing yields to our users, with our platform we are able to analyse on-chain data across all BSC DeFi ecosystem. 

This gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to token selection and pools creation of our own farms, we as well apply a strict due diligence and risk assessment of each token that we add, in order to avoid rug pulls.

Lola(AMA HOST): And are you working towards it already?

Mark Twight: Yes, as i mentioned farming contracts are finalized and we as well implemented an audit track for each pair with a scale of security in order to help users understanding which pairs are more risky respect others

Q8. Share with us all the links about KingDefi, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Mark Twight:

Visit our website

Join our Discord

Join our Telegram Channel:

Join our Telegram Community:

Follow our Twitter

Follow our Medium

Read our PitchDeck:

Q9. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Mark Twight:

Yes of course, we can announce to everyone in advance that tomorrow we will start with our whitelisting campaign for airdrops of the KROWN token!

Lola(AMA HOST): Wow! A lot of people would be interested in that.😊

We’ve come to the end of the first session now. 

The group will be unlocked now for the Community to as their Questions

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