Kebab Finance Continues to Build After Stark Market Correction

Despite a recent general market correction, the AMM continues to build and improve their platform.

New Dashboard and Enhanced UI

The market has been correcting for some time, thanks to some contributing factors that include Tesla redacting BTC as a payment method and Binance coming under U.S investigation. However, the current market is primed on a healthy retrace to cool things down, as influential figures such as Stanley Druckenmiller still believe in its validity. Despite the recent market swings, Kebab Finance, a top yield farming and AMM aggregator on the BSC chain, has continued to innovate their project.


Fresh New Updates

In a recent update released via its Medium page, Kebab announced a couple new features, including a new User Interface (UI) and Dashboard alongside the improved BTCB Pool.

A fresh look has been implemented to the UI alongside the acceleration of the governance and burns page.

glimpse of the improved UI

The new UI offers a clutter-free aesthetic that offers a user-friendly experience, with plans to continue evolving based on the Kebab community’s feedback.  Some current functionalities are specific to staking, yield farming, and swapping. The platform will also be integrated with utilities such as price charts, trading history, and more to bring value to the user.  The team wishes to accelerate the addition of new features for an intuitive user experience.

New IFO Page

As shown in the sleek UI above, a dedicated IFO page has been implemented for launching quality projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. A new dashboard has been added to help users keep track of their earnings, investment profit, liquidity pools, and the number of fees generated on their part. The team will add a dedicated chart to help users make informed trading decisions during swaps.

Improved Yield Pool

As part of the effort towards improved user experience, the BTCB pool has been enhanced, offering users a staggering 134% APY.

New BTCB Pool

The team has continued in its commitment to rewarding their community with the newly improved BTCB Pool, which currently generates 30–35 satoshis per block.  In addition, a significant amount of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BUIDL rewards will be distributed in addition to the fees generated by users on the BNB Pool.

Closing Thoughts

The general cryptocurrency market is still on a downward move as it attempts to correct its overall bullish run, accentuated by functionless coins being pumped by investors trying to turn a profit. Despite the wavering status of the market, Kebab Finance continues to improve their UI and farming pools, and plans to add more valuable tools and features to enhance traders’ experience.

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