Kash Vegan: A Rapper’s Story Finding Life’s Antidote Through Crypto and Self-Fulfillment

Vegan’s compelling story of overcoming poverty is an analogy for how crypto can change lives and the world.

Make Crypto Lit

We hear a lot about how the crypto world changes lives and people. The Twitter-sphere and other social media flash headlines of insane trades and once-in-a-lifetime NFT sales. What we rarely see around crypto is a seriousness to the alternative mentality. 

BSC News had the opportunity to sit down with rapper and entrepreneur Kash Vegan. Vegan is a sponsored rapper on the Phi Network, a burgeoning crypto network with an all-encompassing social media and content sharing platform. 

“If crypto isn’t messing with real artists, with lit artists and people, it won’t sell. People will mass adopt crypto once they see all the real lit motherf*ckers using crypto,” Kash Vegan explained when describing what he sees as what is really lacking in crypto. 

Vegan is a formerly homeless turned crypto millionaire that indulged in the revolutionary mindset that crypto helps him maintain and boost his self-realization. Vegan spoke intelligently on topics from the history of the Federal Reserve, the American economic class system, meditation, and big thinking. 

“With crypto, you have to be able to see the bigger picture. A lot of people are not able to tolerate crypto because they don’t see the vision. They are thinking small,” Vegan proclaimed. 

Rags to Riches

First, let’s screech this story back like a broken record. What Kash Vegan means when he’s speaking about real and lit artists is something authentic, something earned from his own rags to riches story. Vegan’s story is one about actualized financial freedom. Coming up in the cuts of West Oakland, California, he spoke about a previous life chasing the lavish hip-hop life, but one devoid from the real truths in life.

When speaking to Vegan, he’s definitely proud of his story, and it is an energy he feeds off. Kash was not always hungry in the same way, he is now a vegan and sober, two parts of his mindset and lifestyle that he believes push him to do his best.

“You’re never going to go rags to riches with the same mindset that you had. Everything you know has to be deleted––I had to reprogram my brain.” Vegan explained. “That’s where it all started. I shifted my thought process with personal development, self-fulfillment, and away from blaming the rich. Once I could accept that without an ego, I could become financially free.”

The metanarrative to Vegan’s story is about the importance of passive income and helping make your money work for itself. Blockchain and crypto, he says, is a revolutionary technology that can help individuals out of poverty and help ween dependence on others. 

Like a solution to his own demise, Vegan credits a changing mentality to help improve his own lifestyle and circumstance. The path to financial independence involved studying economic history and reading self-improvement gurus like Les Brown and Jim Rohn, meticulous dedication to his artistic craft by producing eight music albums, but more importantly, a new mindset.

“First, I had to do the inner-work and understand how money works, and then I could manifest my truths outward,” he admitted. 

Vegan says he credits crypto and mindset to his new outlook on life.  He added that personal pride aside, he can find it hard explaining his story to people because of the stigma towards crypto. It’s not something many people want to hear.

“I wanna know why people have a low tolerance for something that is literally changing people’s lives.”


The Social Antidote

The Phi Network is a cryptocurrency running on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The Phi Network rewards artists like Vegan immediately for posting content and interacting with fans on the platform. With a massive multi-trillion dollar market cap, the Phi Network is one to take with a grain of salt, but that could also blow up, giving the enormous artistic potential. 

“Ownership and creation are keys to financial freedom. Blockchain and Phi Network help with that,” Vegan says. “With Phi Network, People can be paid for literally whey they normally are doing on Instagram and YouTube. Crypto is the antidote to the social crisis we are seeing right now,” he says.

The Antidote will not cure something immediately, but it can help a person see the light. Vegan saw self-improvement as an antidote for himself, and he sees crypto as an antidote for many of society’s problems. From poverty and ownership to international geopolitics, Vegan sees crypto as a solution to personal crises that he knows all too well.

“I’m from the streets, and I understand extortion,” explained Vegan. “I can see extortion in the corporate world with studio artists and also in the Federal Reserve through the depreciating value of my dollar […] As an independent artist, what crypto does, is it allows me the opportunity to get rid of these overhead costs and make boss moves for myself. Crypto allows me to think big.”

The world is a big and powerful place, but it does not frighten Kash Vegan. The artist sees potential with what is being built at Phi Network and crypto in general. If it is not Phi, there will most certainly be another decentralized network that can emerge to challenge the status quo. 

“Crypto allows you to build your own government essentially […] Nipsey Hussel said this before he died, but we live in an era where you can literally print your own money.” He continued: “But bankers control the government; they’ve got the politicians in their back pockets–– how do you compete with that? Crypto and decentralized networks.”

Source : bsc.news

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