Kalmar Releases NFT Fundraiser Landing Page

Kalmar, a decentralized banking protocol, has launched its NFT fundraiser landing page. This release allows users to raise funds via the help of the first NFT-based fundraiser product on the Binance Smart Chain network.


In order to raise funds and increase users’ yield, Kalmar has launched a unique opportunity for many with new development. The decentralized bank became the first NFT-based start-up on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to create Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fundraisers backed by real rewards. The platform announced this new development in a Tweet made on the 25th of April, 2021. 

Users will be able to purchase NFTs created by the fundraising party. The NFTs will then be used to claim rewards. This means that every purchased NFT could be exchanged for a unique reward according to the terms of the fundraising party. 

NFT Fundraiser Explained 


The primary purpose of the NFT fundraiser is to enable users to purchase NFTs, which can be burnt later for unique prizes. Several projects, businesses, and influencers, therefore, have the opportunity to host their fundraiser events with Kalmar. During these events, users will be able to unlock exclusive rewards as they purchase NFTs. 

With this event, NFTs on Kalmar now have increased value. All a user needs to do is participate in fundraisers by purchasing NFTs, which can later be exchanged for unique prizes at the end of the sale. 

Participation and Hosting of Fundraiser


To participate, you will need to be available for the fundraising event early and purchase the specific NFTs you need. Kalmar will communicate the sale dates via their website, blog, and official channels — Twitter and Telegram. 

For businesses, projects, and influencers looking to host fundraising events, they will be required to submit a proposal application (forms.gle/qKNjxs5kzJwjAqHn8), after which a Kalmar team member will access it. 

About Kalmar 

Kalmar is a decentralized bank powered by NFT transactions. It is a one-stop platform on the BSC which focuses on low transaction costs, high transaction speeds while offering users a simple and straightforward experience through its intuitive user interface.  

By focusing on the best features of Ethereum’s instruments, the Kalmar team plans to replicate and improve these services on the BSC. The services include lending, derivatives, payments, liquidity providing (LP), etc. However, the services are not limited to these listed, and the platform aims at offering users the benefit of paying lower transaction fees for high transaction speed. 

Final Thoughts

As NFTs become more and more popular with the general public, there will be an increased demand for projects that let investors use these tokens. Through their fundraiser rewards program, Kalmar is positioning themselves to appeal to new users who will be eager to earn rewards. The exclusivity of these rewards will bring immediate attention to the protocol, helping to make Kalmar a promising project on the BSC.

Source : bsc.news

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