Kalmar Aims To Re-Imagine DeFi and Collectables Through Their Novel NFT Fundraiser

Kalmar, the first DeFi bank, launched its NFT fundraiser to expand the scope of NFTs. They offer a versatile use case not limited to digital arts.

Kalmar NFT Fundraiser

The global NFT market is increasing in size and value. There is a need to have a proper marketplace structured for NFT fundraising events that give holders some or all of the following privileges;

Burn the NFTs in exchange for a prize

Trade NFTs on the marketplace

Give NFTs pride of place in a collection

Kalmar NFT fundraiser backed by real rewards

The goal of Kalmar is to reduce the gap between the blockchain world with traditional finance and institutions. The platform offers a simple approach to start a fundraiser event for first-time users. The fundraiser is created with users in mind, an innovative way for entrepreneurs, startups to raise capital and deliver novel twists for users.

The platform will take care of the current problem associated with most launchpads on the BSC chain, which seems to favor whale buyers with the “First Come First Serve” strategy.  According to the NFT Fundraiser guide and introduction blog, the team aims for a proper rewards distribution based on funding amounts. There will be multiple types of rewards depending on the amount of NFTs of in a particular event. 

How to Take Part in the Fundraiser

Kalmar will present five kinds of NFT, varying from common to rare, with each offering a distinctive reward.

Users will be allowed to purchase packs of up to five NFTs, containing a random selection of tokens.

Once the event is concluded, the users are at liberty to do with their tokens any of the aforementioned actions; Burn the tokens, sell them in the marketplace or keep it as part of their collections.

The idea behind the unique fundraising is that it isn’t conducted like atypical fundraising event. Kalmars system offers a much more engaging approach using their gamification method. T

Security and Decentralization

As evident on the bank web page, three key areas prioritize all of Kalmars projects; we will focus on security and decentralization of its platform, which are key.

Three core areas of the Karmal project


Security of users’ funds are a core area of the Karmal protocol, this includes the use of high-grade mechanics and the continuous testing of code. This further ensures the removal of all vulnerabilities, alongside the collaboration with the cybersecurity consulting service Hacken. The Kalmar team has taken multiple steps to achieve security standards as high as possible.


According to the team, there is no centralized control, a physical entity, or 3rd party to manipulate Kalmar’s banking instrument. The protocol is decentralized as there is no centralized structure that could act as a point of vulnerability. These core areas are prioritized to give investors, project owners, and participating individuals the confidence to join in the NFT fundraising events.

NFT Fundraising Events

Fundraising Event Call

The round 1 set has a deadline of May 10, but the form is still open for entry. Apply to take part in the next round of the NFT fundraiser.

About Kalmar

Kalmar is a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and NFTs that offers users up to 300% APR. The platform now has two products to its name; 

Leveraged Yield Farming 

NFT Fundraiser

These features create secure financial instruments that utilize advanced gamification models to make banking transparent and accessible. The team has recently entered a strategic partnership with AirNFT.

Strategic Partnership with AirNFTs

In the build-up to its NFT Fundraising launch, the BSC-based platform has recently announced this partnership as part of a more outstanding strategy to create new unique opportunities for NFT artists within Kalmar’s NFT fundraiser platform.

Source: bsc.news

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