KAKI Protocol – Your Choice of Risk Exposure and Trading Options

KAKI provides innovative DeFi products, combining NFT and gaming elements to produce one of the best entertainment and revenue-generating experiences on Binance Smart Chain.

Introducing KAKI 

KAKI is a multi-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, currently deployed on Arbitrum and BSC, and will join more ecosystems in the future. The project is built with DeFi and gaming as the core, dedicated to creating an options Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for retail users. 

KAKI features two exciting games plus innovative DeFi products, combined with gaming and Non-fungible Token (NFT) elements to provide users a seamless and fun experience. 

KAKI’s Innovative DeFi Products 

As stated earlier, the DeFi+NFT GameFi protocol comprises two exciting games, including the No-loss trading game and Squid-Game. In DeFi markets, the needs of long-tail users can be divided into two distinct qualities: high-risk gambling and steady-risk revenue. In addition, each game has its unique qualities, as explained below: 

No-Loss Trading Game 

The No-Loss trading game on BSC allows traders to play without the risk of losing their capital. KAKI developed the game to create an easy and fun options trading game for every user. In-game NFTs make the game enjoyable, and it is also regarded as the apex product of the protocol. This game is intended for users seeking steady-risk revenue.

Participants donate their stablecoin assets on KAKI protocol, and KAKI automatically deposits their funds into other protocols to earn interest. These interests are converted into a bonus pool and are awarded to winners as chips. Hence, the more wins users record, the more profits they get. In addition, users will not lose their principal in the No-loss trading game. 

There are many spaceships in KAKI, each with a captain and some crew. Only the captain can trade, and the crew can provide the captain with more chips by pledging more assets. Players can choose to become crew members to join a team or create a team as captain. 

Squid Game 

Squid Game is an entertainment version of KAKI’s Binary options that launched on December 16th. The game is for players with a higher level of risk acceptance. In Squid Game, players no longer play with interest only as in the trading game, and users’ capital amount is lost if they lose the game. Instead, users can play the binary options game and fight for handsome rewards with a small amount of ticket money. This game appeals to users seeking high-risk opportunities and the leverage that comes with such gambits.

Squid Game allows users to buy tickets, giving users 16 character chips at the start of the game. The tickets purchased by all players in the game are pooled into the piggy bank, and when a player finishes five rounds and wins, the piggy bank is divided according to the number of chips left. 

Users can also track players’ overall progress and progress within the game. 

The game is available for any user. However, instead of accumulating interest over a long period like the No-loss trading game, each participant will use players’ principal as the prize pool. In essence, all players can participate and play the game at any time.

Squid Game 

Risk-Free Storage of Your Stablecoin Assets 

KAKI offers users a low-risk or almost zero risk of storing stable coin assets while gaining interest in them. Players deposit their BUSD stablecoins via the options trading game—No-loss trading game, KAKI sends it to another protocol to earn interest. While this process takes place, users can withdraw their principal amount at any time. 

Users receive chips from KAKI, which are the interest obtained from depositing BUSD assets. After that, users can either join a team and let a captain make options trade with those chips or become captains and grow their teams. 

Last Words 

KAKI advocates games to play DeFi, allowing numerous users to participate in DeFi. The No-Loss options games are easy to understand, offer no loss of principal, making trading stress-free. In addition, users can play with a relatively small amount of cash. For instance, with $100, anybody can play the binary options trading game. 

Squid Game, on the other hand, provides elevated excitement. However, it is meant for players okay with accepting a higher level of risk – but with greater rewards. With these two unique products, KAKI offers one of the most diverse DeFi and NFT gaming experiences on Binance Smart Chain. 

Moving forward, the protocol will also add more exciting no-loss options, replace BUSD pool with other high-yield pools that will also increase users’ revenue and KAKI’s Total Value Locked (TVL). 

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