KAKA NFT World Teases Licensed One Piece and Spiderverse Mystery Boxes on BakerySwap and BinanceNFT

The officially licensed card sets are expected to be hugely popular with NFT collectors, but the launch dates have yet to be revealed.

Licensed Non Fungible Tokens

KAKA NFT World is set to release Spiderverse and One Piece mystery boxes on Binance and BakerySwap respectively. The cards will add to the KAKA NFT World environment.

The KAKA NFT World is a multinational card game created by Chinese, Japanese and Korean game developers. The meta-universe created by KAKA brings top intellectual properties together from across the globe. 

Now Binance NFT and BakerySwap will be joining the action. These are some of the largest Non Fungible Token (NFT) platforms on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). KAKA NFT World is leveraging these dApps to distribute their highly anticipated NFT cards.

Into the Spiderverse

The Spiderverse collection is part of KAKA’s marvel-licenced collection. It includes Avengers cards and more.The Spider-verse NFT mystery boxes will be launched through the Binance NFT marketplace

One Piece is the best-selling Manga series in history with over 480 million copies sold. This series has garnered extreme success throughout the world; KAKA NFT World looks to leverage the hype of the anime in conjunction with NFTs. They are collaborating with BakerySwap to release these collectables.

One Piece on BakerySwap

Grab a Mystery Box

Right now there are few details on when the mystery boxes will launch. It is expected that demand for both the Spider-verse and One Piece NFTs will be very high. 

Users interested in keeping up to date with the finer details including launch dates are recommended to follow KAKA NFT WORLDBinance NFT and BakerySwap on Twitter and other social media.

The KAKA Game

KAKA NFT World is a competitive card game composed of 110 card types ranging from 1 to 10 on the power level score. This depends on the rarity of the card in question. 

Blockchain technology governs the rarity control of each card that can be locked and verified. This prevents fake or forged cards from entering the game – a problem which has plagued the card gaming industry. Such is the problem that even serious ’professional-level’ players have been caught using fake cards.

With NFT card games such as KAKA NFT World this is simply not possible – neither forgery nor cheating. The KAKA NFT World platform has a total of 574.31 million genuine cards. 

As the game is played and players compete against each other, cards will be consumed and burned.This results in the increase of rarity for each type of card. 

KAKA NFT World has been designed to be as competitive and viral as possible. They are pathing the future for physical cards and Esports events to follow at a later date.

Source : bsc.news

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