KAKA NFT WORLD Launches on BakerySwap as One Piece Collectable Release Nears

Latest digital card game has real-world potential and E-sports should be watching.

Top Manga goes Digital

KAKA NFT World has launched on BakerySwap, bringing their hugely popular card game to one of the most successful Automated Market Makers (AMM) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) markets on Binance Smart Chain. The move comes ahead of the launch event for the One Piece collectibles series which will occur exclusively on BakerySwap. 

One Piece is the best-selling Manga series in history, with over 480 million copies sold, making this one of the most highly anticipated NFT launches that BakerySwap have ever conducted. 

The exclusive One Piece King of Navigation mystery box will launch on BakerySwap on July 26th and will be available from the Bakery Gallery.

Excitement is building for the One Piece NFT cards.


As we previously reported, KAKA NFT World is a multinational card game created by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean game developers. The ‘world’ of KAKA NFT is a meta-universe that brings together intellectual properties from around the globe. While KAKA NFTs can be bought at multiple different markets, the exclusive One Piece cards will be available only from BakerySwap.

One Piece will join other major brand names already on the BakerySwap market including Marvel, Paul Frank, and Mickey NFT Cards. While each individual card can be considered a highly sought after NFT collectible in its own right, they become more than the sum of their parts when combining into a game.

KAKA NFT World is composed of 10 card types ranging from 1 to 10 on the power level score. Rarer cards are typically more potent within the game and make for a stronger hand. While the game launches with 574.31 million genuine cards, playing the game will ‘burn’ cards making all types rarer over time.

Forgery Proof

Thanks to NFT technology, cards in KAKA NFT World are completely forgery-proof. This is highly advantageous as similar real-world games such as Magic: The Gathering are plagued by forgeries. Even extremely experienced players and game card players can no longer tell the difference between fake and forged cards.

With KAKA NFT World, this type of forgery becomes impossible. This will be extremely advantageous as the company gears up towards Esports events.

Source : bsc.news

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