JustLiquidity JUL Token Rallys 100%+ As Developments Persist

Despite flash loan attacks last month, JustLiquidity charges forward with non-stop developments. Both their attacked tokens responded with impressive gains of more than 100% for JUL and nearly 50% for JULB within one week.

The Development Continues

The JUL team has been hard at work these past weeks since the unfortunate events that resulted in the exploitation of one of its protocols. This has resulted in an upgrade to its price feeds and the launch of new features that bolster its ecosystem.

The team also announced a plan in late May for the staged migration of all of its tokens into one token– $JULD–in order to maintain only one token system. This stage migration is ongoing.

Chainlink Oracle Upgrade

The recent flash loan attack crashed the prices of both the JUL token and its Binance Smart Chain issued counterpart JULB.  The attack forced the team to respond with some updates and integrations aimed at patching the loopholes the attacker had exploited.

JulSwap X Chainlink | Source

The new developments include integrating the more reliable Chainlink price oracle that is known to be more trusted than any existing solution. JustLiquidity’s reliance on Chainlink oracle stems from the protocol’s reputation. It helps with high-quality data, decentralized infrastructure, and  secures node operator, and is more transparent than other solutions.

JulPad – Launchpad Platform

Another development from Jul is the release of their platform launchpad targeted at average investing communities. Julpad is among the simplest launchpads in the ecosystem. The site has easy access features with the basic information for interesting projects.  Users and prospective investors can locate project names, plus a thorough description of the project, roadmaps, websites, token sale dates, and token allocations.

JulPad | Source

This new launchpad platform comes alongside a special club for holders. The club will give qualifying holders early access to drops and swaps. The platform encourages innovative blockchain projects to seek funding by sidestepping conventional financing and finding solutions through their community’s investment power.

The launchpad, which has successfully closed 22 launch rounds, including Fenis Finance, YetuSwap, ENGAGED platform, etc., also has two currently active IDOs and four pending.

A member of BSC News carried out extensive coverage of the developments HERE

A New Crypto Debit Card

Furthermore, JustLiquidity also announced its crypto debit card together with Visa in a Tweet from the protocol team on June 7. The team expects a virtual card out by the end of July.

JustLiquidity Crypto Debit Card | Source

Card Rewards and Uses

Stake $JulD for access 

Get up to 6% cash-back

The card will add support for BNB, BUSD, and JulD.

Use card on ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay platforms

Get early access by pre-registering here.

Market Response

The market’s response has been good for the two previously exploited tokens on JUL and JULB. According to BSC News Dashboard, a 7D 151% gain for JUL, and 24hr 119% gain for JULB placed the prices at $26.09 and $6.65, respectively.

JUL and JULB Prices | Source

Recall that the prices dropped to a record low of nearly $3 for JUL on June 5 following the exploit. Although JULB is still struggling to bounce back, the token has shown strength in the last 24hrs.

About JustLiquidity

JustLiquidity is a Binance based and backed Automated Market Maker, aggregator, and Dex platform. Despite being a victim of one of many flash loan attacks last month, the protocol has not only bounced back. Still, it has further launched several products and developments in the hope of restoring users’ confidence, including the launch of its debit cards, JulPad, and Chainlink integration.

Source : bsc.news

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