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” A Blockchain Strategy Shooter Game Developer “

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with JunGo! Today we have @Eric_NFT joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here 🙂

Eric Nelson


Happy to be here.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Welcome! Pleasure to have you here today 😀

Alright! Without further due, we will jump right into the questions. Sounds good with you?

Eric Nelson

Sounds great!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome, so to kick things off, for those who may be unfamiliar…

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind JunGo.

Eric Nelson

Hi, I’m Eric Nelson, one of the co-founders of JunGo. I’m from the USA and have also been based in Asia since 2007.

In 2017, I was first introduced to blockchain and crypto and later became an NFT collector and trader. I have been an advisor on multiple NFT projects and am working for Opera Browser as an NFT and Crypto consultant.

I’ve been analyzing what works well in the current NFT market especially in GameFi, and also have seen what is missing in terms of gameplay. I’m so excited about what we have developed, and after almost 3 years to finally bring you JunGo, a game that is super fun to play that brings great rewards to it’s players.

We have an international team of game veterans, DeFi experts, and senior blockchain engineers from Europe, America, and Asia.

Our team members have worked with top companies. The other co-founder, Robert, is a former Tencent Engineer, and FunPlus BD. Daniel, our game producer, formerly worked as a producer for Square&Enix and Konami.

Our technical director, Lee, is a former Activision Blizzard Senior Engineer. And Lucy, our art director was an artist working at TiMi Studios and NetEase.

With these core members we bring years of experience for project execution and lead the rest of our growing team for the longevity of JunGo.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Thank you for that amazing introduction, sounds like you have an amazing team behind you

Eric Nelson

Yeah I’m so happy to work with such a great group.

2. What is JunGo and what’s the vision and mission of your team?

Eric Nelson

JunGo is similar to Angry Birds in the way you play, in that it’s a physics style strategy shooter game, but you battle with a variety of animals each with their own abilities that are throwing objects as weapons to knock down the other team’s animals from their hanger.

Here you can see some screen captures from our alpha version of the game.

These animals are all NFTs that can be evolved to higher levels, and are earning tokens with our play-to-earn model.

The play to earn model consists of two tokens, an in game $BLG that can be used to evolve the animals to higher skill levels and $JUNGO token which is used for further evolution, tournament access, guilds, and further utility with our IDO to be launched after our Genesis Mystery Box NFT drop.

JunGo is not like any other GameFi in the current market. We have done something really exciting by starting with a game that is fun to play.

I’ve seen many NFT projects that have games in their roadmaps, but are still barely beginning to build the games months after their NFT drops, like the game is an afterthought.

Other GameFi projects may be something like racing or a card game or some kind of passive playing with rules in the smart contracts, but again and again while you may be able to earn with some of these projects, how fun is it really to play?

JunGo is a game that you actually want to play not just because you are earning, but because of the exciting gameplay. When JunGo goes online and even adds the streaming in game it is going to explode and we expect to be a top leader in the amount of active players.

This is the kind of GameFi we’ve been waiting for but hasn’t come, so we worked hard to build it and bring it to you all and can’t wait to start playing! Build together, Play together, Earn together!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay wow thank you for sharing the video clips! It definitely looks interesting. Let’s unpack a bit as there was a lot I wanted to touch on. So first let’s talk about your token

3. Can you tell us more about $JUNGO and $BLG tokens?

a. Utilities

b. Tokenomics

Eric Nelson

Yeah okay, here is a breakdown of the two tokens and their Utilities and Tokenomics.


About $JUNGO

Jungo will launch events & tournaments which allows $JUNGO and unique NFTs to be earned.

Players will earn $JUNGO in game by playing PVE & PVP contents.

Participating in the Marketplace will allow users to earn $JUNGO.

1. Users will use $JUNGO to evolve the animals and hangers.

2. In order to promote decentralized community governance for the network, $JUNGO would allow

holders to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features and/

or parameters of JunGo.

3. Spend $JUNGO in game to restore health in order to play more games and keep the earning


4. Spend for high level NFT upgrades.

5. Spend for certain future NFT breeds.

About $BLG…

$BLG’s total supply is unlimited.

JunGo does not sell $BLG to players directly. $BLG can be earned by playing the game. Once you

earn them, you can claim them to your wallet.

$BLG is earned in a various ways:

1. Everyday login. JunGo gives every player a bonus on everyday login

2. Battle: The amount of $BLG bonus in each battle depends on your ladder level and rounds you’ve played

3. Quest: When you complete the quests in the game, you will receive certain rewards.

$BLG is the main currency used in JunGo operations.

$BLG is used in the following activities:

1. Animal Evolution: Players use $BLG to evolve animals

2. Cost for all level NFT upgrade.

3. Cost for future NFT breed.

4. Other Cost: $BLG can be used for guild system and other in-game systems.


Player Route

Version 1.0 focuses on 1 on 1 PVP and PVE mode.

PVP is the main mode. Players enter battles which costS stamina and is recovered by time. Winners will gain $BLG(Banana), a little $JUNGO(Diamond) and Animal NFT shards with very few chances.

Each battle will cost the health of the animal NFTs. The percentage of the health will affect the winning bonus. Players can restore health by spending $JUNGO(Diamond).

PVE mode means adventure mode: players clear levels to win $BLG(Banana) bonus, and unlock new Hangers/Sticks.

Detailed Info

Base Attribution


Necessary for Battle. 1 Stamina cost per Battle. Recover by time in percentage, 25% every day on 3/9/15/21 o’clock.


Determines the earnings. Earnings reduce to 90% when health is under 50%; earnings reduce to 10% when health under 20%. Animal NFTs get random base attribution upon obtaining, high quality Animal NFT s will have higher total base attribution. Base attribution will increase when Animal NFTs level up.

More info:


In-game items and can’t level up by players. Hangers will come with fixed data. Players can unlock new or high level Hangers by clearing PVE levels (every 5 levels or a whole map).

(2)Restore Health

Players can restore an animal’s health anytime it’s damaged. Restore cost is linear growth with the health damaged.

Players can spend $JUNGO(Diamond) to restore health to a certain health level or full health.

(3)Stamina Cost

Battle (either PVE or PVP) will cost stamina. Players must have stamina to encounter battle. Stamina upper limit is decided by the amount of Animal NFTs which the player is holding.

3 Animal NFTs (minimal for play), 6 Stamina per day for 6 battles.

4 Animal NFTs (minimal for play), 7 Stamina per day for 7 battles.

5 Animal NFTs (minimal for play), 8 Stamina per day for 8 battles.


Maximum Limit is decided by the 6 best of the Animal NFTs players hold no matter how many NFTs players actually hold.

Thus, players will need relatively more time for earn the money back when they hold more normal NFTs. But the SSR (most rare) Animal NFTs will give players additional stamina.

Players can get 10% additional $BLG(Banana) bonus if he beats opponent in 2 turns.

Stamina will affect additional $BLG(Banana) generated.

Animal NFTs could breed for Animal Blind Box after level 5. Breeding costs $BLG(Banana) and $JUNGO(Diamond).

Each NFT could breed 7 times, the cost will rocket up with the next breeding.

4)Level Up

Animal NFTs could level up. Early cost is just $BLG(Banana). Then $JUNGO(Diamond) is a must cost with the following level up. The cost will jump increase every 5 levels.

There will also be a cool down period for every level up. The cool down period will increase with the levels. Players can spend $BLG(Banana) to skip the cool down period.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Very neat! Thanks for that clarification 😀

So to dive even deeper into that…

4. Can you tell us about the gameplay and variety of game modes?

Eric Nelson

Use your animals to shoot opponents’ animals and the hangers. Knock off all the opposing animals to the ground to win the game. Each player has 10 seconds to aim and shoot. The turn will be passed to your opponent if either the time runs out or you finish your shot.

Upgrade and evolve your animals to have stronger status. There’s also strengths and weaknesses for each animal and hanger.

Random events and buffs are included in different scenes which is fair for each player.

Animals: There are over 50 kinds of animals in the game. Every animal has its unique skill to attack your opponents.

Some animals are strong enough to carry tons of damage; some are good at destroying hangers; while others are coldblooded killers…You can always find the most suitable ones for your playing style.

Hangers: The Hanger is where animals hang while fighting each other. It’s one of the key points to win. Some hangers have strong defense to blunt weapons while some are almost immune to sharp ones. Special hangers even can restore the Hit Points for the animals hanging on it!

Game Modes:

PVE mode includes levels to get through. Claim the bonus at a certain level. Players could earn $BLG and even $JUNGO from PVE mode as well as hangers as they get through certain levels.

PVP mode features the ladder system. You can upgrade your PVP rating by winning games, and downgrade when you lose.

There will be tournament mode for PVP which runs in season with in season bonuses.

Also, we will hold Grand Prize contests with partners which give bonuses including NFTs from JunGo or partners.

There will be seasonal events on holidays or by collaborations. All events will reward players generously.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Sounds good!

5. What do you need to get started on JunGo?

Eric Nelson

Well the game will be free to play but to start earning you will need to be sure to grab our NFTs.

For the free to play model…

Each player can get 3 free animals to start playing the game when first logging in. These are not NFTs and can’t be traded.

Players can experience the first 5 levels or the first map of PVE content, as well as PVP contents. But all these contents will not generate any earnings.

There will be a pop up guide on how to purchase NFTs for these free players when they fail in the PVE or PVP modes.

So basically, players can join the game for free without any time limits. They can practice their skills as long as they like.

For players who want to earn in the game, they must have at least 3 animal NFTs – but better to have 6 of them – to play PVE or PVP mode which both generate $BLG and $JUNGO.

So to sum it up: With the free animals you can’t trade or upgrade.

Premium animals can trade and be upgraded. And may breed in the future version.

Free animals can’t generate any income or bonus. Players can only practice with them. Premium animals will generate benefits following the E-model and rules.

So to really start earning the maximum you want to be sure to get 6 animals in our upcoming NFT Mystery Box sale!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

There are certain limitations for the free animals but it is good to see a free to play model. I find the barrier to entry on some of the projects coming out is way to high

Eric Nelson

Yeah, we definitely want everyone to be able to enjoy playing JunGo together with less barrier to enter!

6. Can you tell us more about JunGo’s NFTs? Also, can you briefly describe to us all of the various rewards you offer on your platform?

Eric Nelson

JunGo’s debut animal NFTs will be launched on JunGo’s official website Marketplace section; the debut contains 15 different animal blind box NFTs.

JunGo’s excellent game balance is not only reflected in game characters, but also in game output. JunGo’s NFT characters have different skills, weaknesses and strengths. For example, each animal attacks differently: some are good at attacking ropes, some are good at attacking animals, and some are good at applying various buffs.

Therefore, a suitable strategy is crucial. In addition, the game adopts a dual-token incentive model, which balances the cost and output, so that every user can win the income fairly.

These animals have different degrees of rarity and weapon skills in the game to bring you a different fighting experience. For example, the longer you relay the boulder, the more powerful the skill! Cat’s weapons are darts, the sharper darts make it easier for you to cut the rope!

Each animal has his own unique style and fighting power. The higher the rarity, the rarer the number, the more advantageous the skills possessed in the game! There is much variety to unlock more skills and experiences.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay I see, so there is a lot of neat NFTs I am seeing coming out of JunGo but most importantly

7. Many P2E projects struggle to maintain a sustainable reward system and economy.  How are you going to make sure JunGo is sustainable in the long term?

Eric Nelson

1. Our team has over 15 years experience in game development, can make sure the whole game input/output cycle is well balanced.

2. The E-model has been carefully calculated and tested to make it work well.

3. There’s a pro-team focus on operation and data analysis, will adjust the game operation like in game events, etc. to make whole game running in better status.

4. We will get help from the community, listen to them, watch up closely what players need, to adjust game’s future versions and development method.

5. We have bigger plans for global marketing to bring more and more players after the game launch.

6. We will seek to found the JunGo DAO, to help us govern the whole project.

Sustainability is of the upmost importance to us of course.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Brilliant, lots to look forward to!

8. What are the future developments we can be looking forward to?

Eric Nelson

We are looking bigger into the JunGo Metaverse and how to further develop JunGo Labs. The IP is much bigger than our initial NFT and game launch, with a strong focus on connectivity with the larger gaming and NFT community and more interoperability to create bridges.

Also we will subsequently create e-sports competitions and ranking systems, building new models for the future of GameFi, JunGo Metaverse and Web3.

Definitely with gaming guilds and a global audience of players we will build both online and offline E-Sports tournaments and ranking systems to build JunGo into strong worldwide game and name.

We are consistently looking to do something innovative in this space and to build new models for not only GameFi, but the Metaverse and future of Web 3.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

What a great development plan! Last but not least…

9. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Eric Nelson


As the first strategy game on the GameFi market that uses a physics engine to simulate shooting battles, JunGo will open our Genesis NFT Mystery Box sales event on August 24!!

The total number of Genesis Blind Boxes is 3,000, with a total of 15 animals . Each blind box will randomly reveal ONE animal upon open, the rarity of the Genesis Blind Boxes include N(Normal), R(Rare), SR(Super Rare).

Those that grab our Genesis NFTs will also receive airdrops for future NFT access.

Players will gain a first-mover advantage by opening Genesis Blind Boxes, also they can freely trade them on the Market Place.

The sale of the Genesis Blind Box NFT marks a new stage in the research and development of the JunGo project.

According to JunGo’s roadmap, after the completion of the Genesis Blind Box event, IDO and game packaging and alpha testing will be ushered in, which means that the official launch of the game has entered the countdown.

We are out of whitelist slots from our giveaways and competitions, but we can still give BSCNews fans WL by filling out this form:

And after check can check the whitelist on the official JunGo website:

More details about Genesis Mystery Box sale rules:

Stephanie (BSC.News)

It’s definitely some exciting stuff! Would you be able to provide us with social media links so that our community could follow?

Eric Nelson






See you all in the JunGo!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Awesome! If you haven’t already make sure to go and check out JunGo everyone! Super exciting project that you don’t want to miss out on 🙂 And their Genesis Mystery Box Offering is starting in less than 24hr. Do not miss out!

Eric Nelson

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