JumboDefi 2.0 – An Innovative Revolution

Jumbo, as a rising star, is the only project on the BSC chain that focuses on bringing the next wave of innovation to the network.

   Recently, the concept of DeFi 2.0 has appeared frequently and has become one of the hottest topics in the market. Discussions about what DeFi 2.0 applications are are divergent. What will the next generation of DEFI look like? This is probably a question that every market participant is thinking about all the time. If we can find such potential projects in advance, just like those who bought UNI and AAVE early in the year, they have huge room for growth.


JumboDefi (JUB), Klima DAO (KLIMA), Olympus (OHM), Tokemak (TOKE), Convex Finance (CVX) and Abracadabra (SPELL) are currently on the market with leading characteristics.

Among them, Jumbo, as a rising star, is the only project on the BSC chain. We will focus on sharing several major innovations of JumboDefi2.0 today to see if JumboDefi2.0 has the potential to grow into the next generation of UNI.


IDO’s Innovation

  As we all know, IDOs allow projects to efficiently raise and issue tokens. Users participating in IDOs need to bear many risks such as rug-pull over-raising, and scams. As a result, many users’ enthusiasm for IDO is slowly decreasing.

However, the IDO pioneered by Jumbo is the first to participate in the quota competition by participating in project promotion and community activities to obtain quota qualifications. The project party uses its own funds to build a pool, opens the market first, and then announces the IDO whitelist. Users can fully identify the project risks and project parties. After deciding whether to purchase or not, it greatly increased the enthusiasm for participating in IDO. It is said that the IDO price of Jumbo’s token JUB is 6u, and it reached 200u on the launch day. The IDO list is only announced three days after the market. It is even said that one IDO whitelist was sold around 2000U in OTC, which shows how satisfied users are with this project. We believe that this model will gradually be accepted by more outstanding project parties and users, and it will become a brand new IDO method in the market.

Tokenomics Revolution

The popular liquidity mining started in 2020. Starting from Compound, a large number of projects have used this method of issuing coins as a tokenomics. A fixed number of tokens are produced every day, and after a period of time, the production will be reduced according to the percentage. The token incentives will never be gone but will decrease indefinitely.

This method is a kind of welfare for players who participate in early mine, because the total number of tokens in the early stage is small, and the output of the early mine is the highest. After that, the production is gradually reduced, resulting in an extremely high rate. It is often seen that there is a crazy high APY. However, the disadvantages of this economic model are also very obvious. On the one hand, LP providers need to bear the risk of a large amount of unpaid loss. On the other hand, because the interest rate decreases after the later production cut, many users have reduced enthusiasm and began to release lp to sell tokens, resulting in a price drop. As a result, many investors suffered huge losses. However, for the project party, the greatest benefit was given to those short-term arbitrageurs instead of diamond hands.

Jumbo’s daily output token model is based on the pledge rate and price. The annualization is almost unchanged. After the longer time, the interest rate is automatically compounded, but the higher will be, which greatly incentivizes the diamond hand. Eliminate short-term arbitrageurs.

DAO Adventure

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a blockchain mechanism that allows people to use the software on the Internet to achieve a reasonable distribution of risks and rewards. On a global scale, there is no need to rely on trust or third parties. In the case of guarantees, they can achieve a state of coordination with each other, and further promote the completion of the common goal.

   But now many blockchain projects have defined DAO as a model of locked positions to obtain rewards, which has almost no practical meaning. Voting on some proposals is also formalism, and the proposed solutions are almost all by the project party. In essence, it is only a single-currency pledge pool that is guided by the project party and given a certain pledge reward.

   The innovation of JumboDAO may be a pioneering business of extraordinary significance to the blockchain. Jumbo defines DAO as a decentralized investment institution and uses the bonus pool as an investment fund. All pledged users can upload project information and obtain voting rights at the same time. After vote, JumboDAO invests. The investment income is distributed by all DAO members and the prize pool. At the same time, a part of it can be reserved as a repurchase of JUB tokens, so that DAO will not become a name that only consumes, but becomes a project that can be externally decentralized.


DEX and Liquidity

In DeFi 1.0 DEX model the market maker provides LP, DEX, and LP market maker distribute transaction fees, decentralized exchanges 0.1%, market makers 0.2%, the bulk of the profit Both are in the hands of market makers and users who buy and sell. For currency holders, the indirect profit distribution income brought by currency prices is not high, so it is better to be a market maker.

However, JumboDeFi 2.0 will use its own treasury assets LP and DAO assets as LP providers, and all LPs will be established by itself so that all transaction fees will be fully earned by JUB’s currency holders, and the profit will be X 3 – 10 more comparing to Centralized exchanges.


Advantages and Basic Info

☆At present, 60+ community leaders, 20+  investment institutes, Taiwanese communities, and Turkish communities.

☆Graystone Investment, a number of DeFi and GameFi projects are negotiating cooperation.

☆The team has many years of project experience and has done 3 major projects that are listed on big exchanges.

☆Excellent tokenomics








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