Juggernaut Project Update: An Unstoppable DeFi and NFT Ecosystem

Users will have all their Defi, and NFT needs sorted under one ecosystem. This app will allow users to get the best NFT experience without having to explore the 100s of markets available in the space.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have witnessed extreme growth. This can be attributed to their attention-grabbing use case and relevance within the crypto space. There appears to be an endless discussion concerning digital art, its marketplace, and collectibles. Many of them have the aim to redefine art collections through scarce digital arts. There is a need for more marketplace s and NFTs companies in the ecosystem. Juggernaut, a Defi-based NFT platform is taking an active role in the NFT sector and other aspects of the project, including a Synthetic Defi product and token swap.

About Juggernaut

Juggernaut believes that NFT and Defi products should be available, simple, and accessible for all, irrespective of the blockchain. The project wants to increase the number of Defi revolution participants and get exposure to the new and exciting asset class and innovations.

The project has allocated a more significant part of its development to customize usage directly among users and holders, encourage greater liquidity through its high reward pool, use, and adoption that empowers users with complete decentralized governance.

Originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, the team has created a cross-platform into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to access the increased number of users and projects. We have recently witnessed constant growth and migration to the BSC. The idea is that no matter the blockchain type, users should enjoy the benefits of both worlds of NFTs and Defi without having to incur extra fees. This is a key feature that has set the BSC blockchain apart and has helped projects like Juggernaut provide services and products of total benefit to the community.

Key Features

Defi synthetic suites


NFT ecosystem and marketplace


Project Components

The project’s custom features bring about a complete experience and exposure to the world of both NFTs and Defi. They bring the whole NFT system to include a marketplace where these collectibles can be exchanged easily and swiftly.

Minting Function on JuggerWORLD

JuggerWORLD is the JuggerNaut BSC Exclusive NFT Exchange. Here, the BSC community can trade their NFTs.

The creation of JuggerWORLD became necessary when users began demanding a place outside the Ethereum blockchain to trade their NFTs. According to observations and prevailing circumstances on the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain has risen in popularity in an unprecedented magnitude.

Juggernaut is developing a custom minting function for the NFT exchange, where creators can mint their collectibles. Anyone will be able to create single (BEP-721) or Multiple (BEP-1155) tokens on the platform, opening up the possibilities of the BSC NFT ecosystem.

There are a lot of new collections coming. Some projects have shown interest in starting their NFT journey with Juggernaut (JGN).

Since its launch late last year, there has been quite the development going on within the Juggernaut project. These developments are coupled with its unique governance protocol and NFT marketplace. The team has launched the JuggerSwap protocol to swap between BSC assets and take part in various Defi-based activities.

JuggerNaut DEX

JuggerSwap (BSC) is an Automated Market Making (AMM) DEX that will feature exclusive farming opportunities with high APYs, LP token staking, and a swap function. Users will be able to exchange different BSC tokens like JGN, CAKE, BAKE, or BUSD, alongside new & innovative NFT mining components.

JuggerSWAP (BSC) Main Features

⦁ Swap: Exchange different BSC tokens directly, like binance-pegged ones or native BEP-20             tokens! Add liquidity to the pool, get fees and LP tokens to stake.

⦁ Farming: Stake JGN or other BEP-20 tokens to get unique rewards with high APYs.

⦁ LP staking: Stake different LP tokens to gain extra from your liquidity pools.

⦁ NFT staking: Unique NFT component. Stake different NFTs to get incredible rewards, making the process of getting NFTs more exciting and valuable.

The team has incorporated NFTs into their DEX, becoming the first to give an all-in exclusive NFT offering to Dex users. Exclusive NFT staking features mean the more you use the DEX, the more exclusive NFTs you can get. In the future, the project might consider a burning mechanism for NFTs, NFT swaps, and games – the possibilities are endless.

Juggernaut in the Spotlight

Over the past month, Binance invited Juggernaut to take part in the event. The panel themed “Crypto Collectibles: Inside the NFT Economy” was centered around NFTs collectibles and the marketplace.

Cofounder Nacho Llanillo represented JuggerNaut as he spoke about the NFT trends, challenges, game designs, and many more subjects alongside critical industry players.

The team has also established an important strategic partnership with Softbank(UK). Softbank is a Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The company owns stakes in many technology, energy, and financial companies and runs the Vision Fund, the world’s largest technology-focused venture capital fund with over $100 billion in the capital. The company will assist Juggernaut in the NFT market development.

The Juggernaut project, alongside its exclusive suite of products, has helped the project native token JGN to continuously gained traction and more relevant use-cases.


JGN token is native to the Ethereum Network with a total supply of 150,000,000 JGN. Recently, the team announced its further expansion into the Binance Ecosystem as they launched an extra 28% of its total supply into the BSC network in addition to the initial 2% supply.

Right now, 45M BEP-20 JGN are available on Binance Smart Chain! The total supply of JGN is 70% on ETH and 30% on BSC. The corresponding 45m on the ETH blockchain has been burned.

The majority of the tokens are allocated towards the project’s growth —10% of the total supply assigned to the team and avisions. The remaining 90% will be used to develop the project through providing initial liquidity, marketing, foundation, partnership, and liquidity incentives. The overall JGN token still has a lot of supply unminted, but many of the funds are vested and slowly emitted. Check out the token allocation and vesting for complete details HERE.


The updated roadmap seems to concentrate heavily on the BSC network. It’s no surprise that the network accounts for a more significant number of both Defi and NFT users these days.


JuggerWORLD v2: minting, exclusive stores, performance updates

Launch BSC-JuggerSWAP (with BNB mining pool)

New Exclusive BSC Collection

JuggerDRAW v4

JGN NFT Gold card collection (get % of fees on JuggerWORLD)

Exclusive NFT collection with Brazilian artist

Expand JGN interoperability on HECO/POLKADOT

European marketing campaign: expanding geographically


First NFT Automated Market Making (AMM)

NFT Yield Farming

New NFT Juggy collections announcement

JuggerDRAW v5

Exploring IFO opportunities

Modular synth creator v1

Q3, Q4:


Licensing opportunities for high-end IP

JuggerWORLD v3: interoperable NFT exchange

Modular synth creator v2

Without an iota of doubt that the project’s primary focus has always been on Defi and NFTs. The updated roadmap gives more insight into its core values. Synthetic Defi products, AMM, and interoperability with Heco and Polkadot networks will not only allow for cross-communication but will also bring Juggernaut into the realm of blockchain with NFTs, Defi, and multichain capabilities.

In Conclusion

Juggernaut is a project to look out for. Its feature in the Block’s “Overview of the BSC Ecosystem” brings it up towards the level of top blockchain projects with a cross-chain Defi/NFT marketplace and ecosystem.

Source : bsc.news

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