Juggernaut Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Limited NFTs and dJGN Airdrops

Juggernaut shows appreciation to JGN holders for their immense support.

Juggernaut Gives Back to the Community 

Juggernaut (JGN) is celebrating its 1st anniversary this August via DJGN rewards and limited edition NFTs for token holders.

The protocol took to its Medium blog on August 11th to thank its supporters following the success attained since its inception. In addition, the Binance Smart Chain-based protocol has launched a plethora of rewards for users, including an ongoing giveaway.

“August is JGN’s 1st Year Anniversary! To celebrate it, we are giving away 2500 JGN in prizes + exclusive Limited Edition NFTs to Diamond JGN Holders! (more info soon),” Juggernaut’s Tweet read. 

Juggernaut has made an exciting journey in the DeFi space so far, creating and delivering unique products in the process. The latest creation — Diamond JGN, is about giving back to the community. 


Juggernaut Giveaway: Limited Edition NFTs and DJGN Rewards 

Holders of dJGN will be eligible to receive dJGN rewards. The protocol will distribute 2,500 JGN to five lucky winners. Five winners will win about $365 at the time of writing.

The DeFi protocol disclosed the giveaway details on its official medium post on 12th August, explaining the requirements and reward distribution. 

“We will do a snapshot of DJGN on August 17th at 8 am EST. The only requirement is you should not have left the program before,” the medium post read. 

Concerning the limited edition Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), every DJGN holder meeting the requirements will receive one of the four exclusive NFTs. However, as explained in the medium post, the NFTs will be issued according to the number of dJGN users held. 

“All NFT rewards will be given out according to the number of dJGN you are holding at the snapshot moment. More details to come soon,” according to the medium post. 

Juggernaut Teases Limited Edition NFTs 

The protocol disclosed an image of what the limited edition NFTs would look like on its August 12th Medium post. In addition, the complete DeFi suite platform revealed that the NFTs would come in four different tiers: 



Elite Beast 

God Mode

“Do you want a sneak peek?” Juggernaut teased its NFT creation, following it up with the image below on its medium post. 


What is Juggernaut? 

Juggernaut is a complete custom DeFi suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem with full BSC compatibility. The protocol creates the go-to BSC NFT Exchange in the DeFi market, offering open access, freedom of assets, and worldwide availability.

Source : bsc.news

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