Josh Savage Music NFT Sales Earn More Than Stream Payouts

Artists are beginning to explore the revolutionary impact blockchain and NFTs could have on creative projects.

NFT Music Sells

Musician Josh Savage has witnessed the powerful impact NFTs are capable of having on an artist’s output. 

The indie artist’s Genesis NFTs sold out in under an hour on February 13, earning him the same amount 250,000 Spotify plays would have. The sale has brought more than just the monetary reward it seems:

“It’s not even about the money. Yes, making a living from my music is the dream but I love how I’m getting to know you all in the process. I don’t know anything like this in the digital world!” the artist tweeted not long after the sale reached its conclusion. 

Independent artists will be paying particular attention. With the dream for many being the ability to do what you love while being able to make a living, then NFT sales may well offer an opportunistic avenue. 


Empowering independent artists, and creatives as a whole, has often been touted as a way to take back control from dominant labels imposing stringent contracts on their artists. The initial signs are encouraging, with artists like Josh Savage recognizing the potential of NFTs, but whether this will become an industry-wide trend is another matter. We’ve already seen soccer and wider sport invite crypto with open arms. Who’s to say that the music industry won’t be next!

Who is Josh Savage?

Josh Savage is a British singer, songwriter and adventurer making music in Berlin. He has been described as having fantastic songwriting ability with a resonant, rich voice, by the Huffington Post ‘Ten Artists to Watch.’

Where to find Josh Savage:

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