JOJO+Kingdom Arena AMA Recap hosts JOJO FUN METAVERSE = NFT + GameFi + SmartToy + JOJO World and Kingdom Arena: a wizarding world simulation and adventure battle Play-to-Earn game.

BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today?

JOJOLord: It’s a nice day.

BSC_Daily Admin: Yes of course, it’s always nice to have guests coming over to talk to us about their project! Let’s get on with the AMA shall we?

JOJOLord: Sure!

Maya: Yes.

Q1: Please briefly introduce yourself and the team behind JOJO and Kingdom Arena.

JOJOLord: Hello everyone, nice to meet you here. This is JOJO Lord, one of the founding members of the JOJO team. But I prefer my other identity: JOJO community volunteer.

The members of the JOJO team come from all over the world, our core members are located in Japan, and our members in Singapore, the United States, India and other countries are also actively working. Most of the members of the JOJO team have very rich experience in NFT, DeFi, and games, which is why our products can develop so quickly.

This is the JOJO Website:

Maya: The DEV team of Kingdom Arena comes from the traditional game industry. Most of the team members come from world-renowned game manufacturers. They have very rich experience in game development. Based on the combination of traditional games and blockchain games, they created the Kingdom Arena.

Kingdom Arena is a Simulation Game Play-to-Earn game that runs on the BSC chain. The game combines Town Construction, Hero Adventures, Pet Domestication, Guilds, Trade, Sea Battles, Mining, PVP, PVE, etc.

Q2: Please introduce the $JOJO token economic system to the viewers.

JOJOLord: First of all, $JOJO is a completely decentralized MEME Token without any pre-sale and team reservation, the total circulation of $JOJO is 1 trillion, initially, 50% of the tokens are put into the black hole address, 36% into the PancakeSwap for Fair Launch, and 14% are gradually burned; SUPER BURN & HODL-to-Earn mechanism, 10% of the amount of each on-chain transaction will be deducted, of which 4% will be allocated to all holding addresses including black hole address, so the deflation will never stop; The launch time of $JOJO is about 4 months, and now more than 64.36% of $JOJO has been burned. This is very amazing.

Stake-to-Earn mechanism, 3% of the amount of each on-chain transaction will be directly transferred to the JOJO NFT pool, and you can stake your JOJO NFT to earn $JOJO.

Also in 4 months, there are already more than $13,000,000 worth of $JOJO in the JOJO NFT Pool, and all these $JOJO will be distributed to those who stake JOJO NFT.

If you have $JOJO in your address, with the frequent increase of $JOJO on-chain transactions, the value of $JOJO in your address will gradually increase, and the JOJO NFT pool in the JOJO community will also become larger.

Certik has also completed the audit of the JOJO contract, this is the audit report:

And you can buy some $JOJO from PancakeSwap:

Q3: How can we Play-to-Earn with Kingdom Arena?

Maya: There are many ways to make money in Kingdom Arena, we can focus on several ways.

First, Mining

After you obtain the NFT of Kingdom Arena, you can stake your NFT to the Kingdom Arena Pool on the JOJO official website for mining. You can earn $JOJO every minute. The sooner you stake, the higher the profits will be. But it depends on whether your NFT’s hashrate is high enough. After you stake your NFT, you can stake $JOJO to upgrade your hashrate, which will double your income.

And, you can Play-to-Earn in the game

After you have NFTs, you can enter the game to use them, let NFTs work for you to earn income, and at the same time you can use them to fight, by killing Boss, PVE, PVP, building towns to improve combat effectiveness, make NFT more Strong, so you can get a higher income. In the game, you can kill Boss, complete tasks, and get high income through dungeons. But the premise is that you have at least 1 Kingdom Arena NFT.

In-Game Market

There are 2 kinds of assets that can be traded in Kingdom Arena. The first is the game NFT. They are the most important assets in Kingdom Arena. Before the game goes live, you can use them to earn $JOJO in the JOJO NFT Pool. After the game runs, they will also play a more important role in the game. We believe that the value of Kingdom Arena NFT will get higher and higher.

Game items are also very important in the game. The in-game trading market allows users to trade game items. The in-game trading market will charge 5% of the transaction amount as a handling fee, and most of this money will go to the Community Fund or mining pool.

With the update of the game, you will see more and more ways to play, creating more profits for players, including in the future we will also bring Kingdom Arena NFT to JOJO World. Please pay attention to our follow-up announcement.

Q4: Can we know more about JOJO APP and JOJO ID?

JOJOLord: Sure. JOJO APP is the Portal to JOJO.FUN Metaverse, and it is also an important infrastructure for the entire JOJO ecosystem. JOJO APP is not only a decentralized wallet, but also provides functions like JOJO NFT Pool, JOJO NFT Market, JOJO Game BOX, JOJO Gamebase, JOJO ID, etc.

JOJO ID is an important asset in JOJO.FUN Metaverse. It is not only the “ENS” on Binance Smart Chain, but also the unique ID of users in JOJO.FUN Metaverse. It also has the characteristics of DAO and Game Guild, and has become the link that connects the JOJO community with the JOJO.FUN Metaverse.

JOJO ID is divided into Senior ID and Junior ID. Up to 30,000 Junior IDs can be associated with the same Senior ID. These 30,000 Junior IDs will form a DAO and game guild, and will be used in all games of JOJO.FUN Metaverse.

The roadmap of JOJO ID will be divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Transfer System

In JOJO APP, you can bind JOJO ID to your BSC address, and receive BEP20 tokens and NFT through JOJO ID.

At present, JOJO ID has completed this part of the work.

Phase 2: Guild System

All Junior IDs associated with the same Senior ID will form a game guild, and the Senior ID will become the owner of the guild. The game guild will share NFT and other essentials in the “Play-to-Earn” game with ordinary members, and the income will be obtained by the guild owner and the assets providers.

Phase 3: DAO

All Junior IDs associated with the same Senior ID will form a DAO, and DAO Members will participate in the game guild’s revenue distribution, game and designer incubation and other governance.

Phase 4: Unique ID

After JOJO World is launched, the user’s Avatar in JOJO World will be displayed through “JOJO Avatar”, JOJO MEN and JOJO ID will together form the unique ID of users in JOJO World.

As the “ENS” on BSC, JOJO ID has landed on the Binance NFT market. You can now participate in auctions in the Binance NFT market and JOJO NFT market to buy rare JOJO IDs.

Binance NFT Market:

JOJO NFT Market:

In addition, you need to create a JOJO ID through JOJO APP, so please install JOJO APP on your phone first.

Download JOJO APP:

Q5: Can you introduce the RoadMap of Kingdom Arena?

Maya: Yes, Kingdom Arena is a Simulation Game with very high playability. The good news is that our development work was officially launched a few months ago, and we have made short-term plans for the future.

December 2021

1. Publish the Game Official Website

2. Community AMA

3. Establish partners

4. Launch IGO on JOJO Gamebase

5. Open Kingdom Arena NFT Pool on JOJO Website

Today, Our IGO will be launched on JOJO Gamebase at 12 pm

January 2022

1. Kingdom Arena NFT will land on more platforms

2. Expand the community.

3. Game release 1.0 beta version

February 2022

1. The game releases 1.0 public beta version.

2. More community AMAs.

3. Establish partnerships with more projects

March 2022

1. The game releases version 2.0, with more exciting ways to play.

2. Expand the Global Community

April 2022

1. The game released 3.0 multi-chain version

2. The game is deployed to blockchains such as ETH, Polygon, Solana, etc.

Q6: What about the JOJO Gaming Era? Can you tell us more about it?

JOJOLord: In our vision of JOJO.FUN Metaverse, JOJO.FUN Metaverse = NFT + GameFi + SmartToy + JOJO World

We have successfully completed the “NFT” part of the work. Now, JOJO officially enters “JOJO Gaming Era”, we will divide it into 3 stages of “Daybreak, Midday, Midnight Party”, and further empower $JOJO through 12 excellent NFT games.


We will complete the infrastructure release at this stage, including JOJO Gamebase, JOJO APP and JOJO ID. JOJO Gamebase is a game incubator and “APP Store” on BSC, JOJO APP is the entrance to the entire JOJO.FUN Metaverse, and JOJO ID is the unique identification for users to join the JOJO.FUN Metaverse.


JOJO Gamebase will run at full speed at this stage. A large number of NFT games will join JOJO.FUN Metaverse through JOJO Gamebase. $JOJO will also become a Game Token at this stage and be used in games incubated by JOJO Gamebase.

Midnight Party

JOJO will launch the 12 Constellations Project and select the 12 games in JOJO Gamebase that have made the most contributions to the JOJO ecosystem. “12 Constellations” will join JOJO World with us in the future and become the first batch of builders of JOJO World.

The first game incubated by JOJO Gamebase, Fate/Origin, has opened the Closed Beta to the community this week

The second game, incubated by JOJO Gamebase, will launch the NFT Box on JOJO today, in 30 mins. Don’t miss it:

Q7: How can we get the NFT of Kingdom Arena?

First of all, you need to understand the NFT properties of Kingdom Arena and know what it can be used for. If you want to get NFT, please pay attention to our upcoming IGO. IGO will be opened on JOJO Gamebase. You can use $JOJO or $BNB to purchase NFT. You can learn more about NFT through our official website.

The total supply of Kingdom Arena NFT is 28,400. There are 2 types, namely Heroes and Pets. There are 10 different NFTs in each type. Each NFT has different HashRate and attributes. Get any of them, and you can get high profits through mining and playing games. Of course, this depends on the HashRate of your own NFT. The higher the HashRate, the higher the income you will get.

Q8: What role does $JOJO play in the JOJO.FUN Metaverse?

JOJOLord: At this stage, we can divide the JOJO.FUN Metaverse into 4 modules:



JOJO Gamebase

JOJO World

In JOJO NFT Pool, users stake JOJO NFT and Game NFT to earn $JOJO, Stake-to-Earn; At the same time, in this process, people will stake $JOJO to the mining pool to upgrade their hashrate, which will pump $JOJO; In JOJO NFT Market, users can bid to earn $JOJO during the auction: if you are the last bidder, you will get the auction item; if someone bids higher than you, you will get 20% of the difference as reward, Bid-to-Earn; Of course, you can also sell your NFT on the market to get $JOJO. In addition, BNB can also be used in the JOJO NFT Market, and all of these BNB will be converted to $JOJO from PancakeSwap. All of these actions will pump $JOJO; In JOJO Gamebase, people can play-to-earn in the game. $JOJO will be used in the game and become a game token; and all BNB consumed in these games will also be exchanged for $JOJO, which will pump $JOJO. The more games that join JOJO Gamebase, the stronger $JOJO will be.

JOJO World also supports Play-to-Earn. $JOJO will be the universal currency of JOJO World. People also need JOJO NFT and JOJO ID to join JOJO World. If you want to fully experience the entire JOJO.FUN Metaverse, then you need to have $JOJO, JOJO NFT and JOJO ID.

BSC_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with JOJO and Kingdom Arena

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Maya: Thank BSCdaily for its support of Kingdom Arena.

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you for being here and best of luck to JOJO as well as Kingdom Arena

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