Jigger CoFounder: Bots Make Up 40% of GameFi Users

According to Jigger, games like Karmaverse Zombie, MetaGear, AnRkey X and ARIVA owe over 80% of their users to bots inside their ecosystem

Levan Kvirkvelia, CoFounder of a Web3 anti-botting company, Jigger, claimed in a Tweet that, 40% of GameFi users are made up of Bots.

The tweet was released on August 30 and has since gotten 585 retweets as of writing. According to Jigger’s data, the game with the highest percentage of bots belongs to Karmaverse Zombie with 96%. MetaGear, AnRkey X, and ARIVA have bots that make up around 80% or more of their userbase.

“After analyzing 60+ games and services, we found 200 000 bots. on average, every web3 game has 40% bots,” Kvirkvelia said in a Twitter thread. “We detect bots and multi-accounts by linking wallets belonging to the same person we take a list of token holders, put them on a graph, and link wallets using our algorithm. The result is more like a petri dish!”


Bots are a major problem for blockchain games. They are typically programmed to take advantage of incentive structures to extract value, harming the game’s ecosystem. This puts actual gamers at a disadvantage over programmed bots that can infinitely repeat a game play cycle, taking some fun away from the game. Jigger’s technology can greatly help web3 gaming companies in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Sunflower Land advisor, Steve Woody, announced through the same thread that they have partnered with Jigger to avoid a repeat of what happened to their original game.

Hopefully other GameFi dev teams will use Jigger, or similar technology, to improve the integrity blockchain gaming.

Source : bsc.news

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