JetSwap.Finance Unveils New $SHIB-$BNB Farm on BSC

JetSwap.Finance continues to be an innovator and trendsetter on Binance Smart Chain. Today, they unveiled their new $SHIB-$BNB farm. With Shiba Inu’s incredible growth over the last few weeks, almost mirroring the rise of Dogecoin, as well as $BNB reaching ATHs, it’s a welcome surprise to $WINGS investors. The more accessible a token is, the more holders a token gets. In the crypto space, particularly in that of BSC and yield farms, providing incentives and utility with those tokens is important to investors. JetSwap has been able to develop farms to provide high APY and take advantage of multipliers to allow investors to earn $WINGS within the market. $BNB is one of the foundations of crypto investing. JetSwap knows this and by combining a popular meme token and the base standard of $BNB, they have created a winning combo for a yield farm. 


Let’s dive into the actual $SHIB-$BNB farm. First off, go to JetSwap.Finance. Then click on Farms. Search for SHIB. Below is what you’ll see. At the time of this article, the Farm APR is 1,027.8%, the Fee APR is 73.95%, the Liquidity is $5,652, and it has a 2x Multiplier. As a yield farm this is pretty impressive. To put it in layman’s terms, if you stake $SHIB-$BNB, you can earn $WINGS, which at this time you can earn double the $WINGS ($0.170 at the time of this article). The Fee APR is the gains from the LP through the swap fees.

To visualize it easier, here is a graphic of the liquidity of $SHIB-$BNB. It’s nearing $6,000 and was just released today. View the volume and fees as well.

SHIBtoken Impact

Regardless of how you feel about meme tokens, Shiba Inu has experienced incredible growth. Whether it be for the short or long term, $SHIB is hot right now. JetSwap has provided investors with a farm to earn $WINGS, and to me, that’s capitalizing on an opportunity. Take a look at the $SHIB-$BNB farm for yourself.

Source : bsctimes

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