JetFuel.Finance Releases VAPOR Rewards And an Ecosystem Update

JetFuel Finance continues developments releasing new vaults, VAPOR rewards for JETS, and an update on the future of the ecosystem.

Vapor Rewards

Let’s begin with the limited-time VAPOR rewards for JETS staking. Following the launchpad partnership with Bliquids VAPOR token, the teams have allocated a total compensation of 194,000 VAPOR rewards to JETS holders. For users unfamiliar with the launchpad, JetFuel will allocate a portion of FUEL rewards to new projects liquidity pools in return for their tokens to be distributed to JETS holders. This system is a win-win as it allows new projects to quickly bootstrap liquidity while also providing a further use-case to users who support the JetFuel ecosystem. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of frictionless yield tokens such as VAPOR, check out the following article:

Vapor Token: BLiquids Innovative Passive Yield Token

JetFuel Vaults Update

Currently, JetFuel has released 21 vaults and has many more coming through the pipeline. Recovering a large portion of TVL, JetFuel now has shy of 1 million locked up in all vaults, 765,097 to be exact. As more users begin to adopt these vault strategies JETS holders will be rewarded more in FUEL buy-backs as 4% of all vault earnings are used to buy-back FUEL and distribute to JETS holders.

The latest vaults released are a batch of PancakeSwap vaults:

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This strategy utilizes CAKE rewards from PancakeSwap LP positions and auto-compounds them to maximize gains. This specific strategy compounds every four hours, creating exponential growth to users positions due to the power of compound interest. Currently, the most popular vault is the Cake-BNB vault, which grants users about .8% daily returns. These vaults are only the first, with many more strategies to come, supporting Thugs.Fi, Venus, and more PancakeSwap strategies.

UI Refresh

The Jetfuel team is always innovating to improve and fix issues that users run into. The team has added hyperlinks on each FUEL farming pool with the corresponding vault to make navigation easier. This feature can also be seen on the dashboard, quickly allowing users to navigate Fuel rewards, staking, and vaults.

As some of you are aware, the site also featured a couple of bugs that the team has sorted out. The first and most apparent was the 404 error prompted to users who attempted to access the site with a VPN. The team found a solution for this, and the 404 error is no longer a worry. On top of this, the UI was incorrectly calculating users’ JETS positions. This issue has also been resolved, allowing users to check their JETS balance effortlessly.

If issues persist in the future, here is the JetFuel Backup URL

Initial JetFuel Offering (IJO)

As previously mentioned, this launchpad will feature an Initial Farm Offering (IFO) for new tokens who wish to quickly and seamlessly bootstrap liquidity. Typically, this will consist of the JetFuel team allocating a portion of FUEL rewards for the project’s liquidity pool. In return, a project will give a portion of its tokens as JETS rewards.

Overall this model attempts to grant a net benefit to all participating parties, JetFuel, its users, and the respective launchpad project.


The team at JetFuel is tirelessly working on the numerous developments it has scheduled, and GForce is one of the larger upcoming releases. GFORCE is an additional token to be introduced to the JetFuel ecosystem, which integrates the ETH-based frictionless yield token RFI. GFORCE attempts to incorporate a sustainable yield model, where half of FUEL rewards from the FUEL transaction tax will be automatically distributed to GForce holders. There will also be further use-cases to the token such as staking, which have yet to be addressed.

Currently, GFORCE developments are being polished, and we can expect to receive more information regarding the tokenomics and the public sale in the next couple of weeks. The GFORCE public sale will be held through the JetFuel launchpad.

Fortress Lending Platform Development

Finally, the JetFuel team is executing its plans to become one of the largest ecosystems on the BSC. Currently, the JetFuel team is developing a lending and borrowing platform, Fortress, through forking Compound and Venus. Fortress will be integrated into the JetFuel ecosystem with its token while also supporting FUEL buy-backs. The AMM is still in development, but the team has voiced that they plan to have the protocol ready in the next two months.

The lending platform will boast the following features:

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