JetFuel Announces FUEL Listing on BitMart Exchange

The listing gives the protocol access to a large user base and introduces FUEL to a new community.

Jetfuel on BitMart

On June 11th, the crypto exchange and trading platform BitMart will be listing Jetfuel Finance ($FUEL) on their digital asset platform. The trading pair FUEL/USDT will also be available. The deposit feature will occur at 6/10/2021 04:00 AM EDT. The trade feature will occur at 6/11/2021 04:00 AM EDT. And finally, the withdrawal feature will begin at 6/12/2021 04:00 AM EDT.


BitMart is a massive crypto exchange responsible for 1.3 billion dollars in trading volume. JetFuel Finance has also recently become completely deflationary, which can be read about more in depth in this article. The news is huge for Jetfuel Finance who look to capture greater capital from investors on BitMart. While more direct benefits will be seen by Jetfuel, BitMart continues to build their ecosystem with the listing.

Concluding Thoughts 

Jetfuel Finance has been extremely active over the last week. Following their recent protocol update that now makes $FUEL completely deflationary, the partnership with BitMart is another massive step forward for the protocol. More investors having access to the $FUEL token should only bolster the market cap, as partnerships with exchanges are typically seen as a sign of growth and the potential for added capital. It will be interesting to track $FUEL’s price over the next couple of weeks. 

Jetfuel Finance

Jetfuel is a yield farming and yield aggregator protocol that combines properties from the most successful DeFi projects such as Compound, Fry.World (Abandoned), Yearn and Harvest on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Jetswap is an AMM on Binance Smart Chain that is powered by the WINGS token. It is one of the initial products being offered by Jetfuel.


The BitMart Exchange is a top tier global digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top 10 crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. The exchange was officially launched on March 15, 2018, BitMart currently has over 600,000 registered users and a daily trading volume of around 400 million USD.

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