ITAM x Launchzone Partnership and Alpaca x ITAM Partnership

ITAM, an NFT-focused team, has announced partnerships with Launchzone and Alpaca Finance. These partnerships are being made in order to provide NFT-compatible platforms to users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Launchzone X ITAM


ITAM is collaborating with Launchzone to assist the adoption of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)  across decentralized apps (dApp). By increasing the reach of the currency ITAM is attempting to draw users to their platform. This partnership is coming at a time when NFT continues to rise in popularity, which is likely to strengthen Launchzone’s position in the crypto industry. The BSC network will also benefit from this development since it is the cornerstone of the ecosystem – NFTs will provide expanded options, which will increase the amount of potential users.


SwapX: An AMM aggregator that is competing to find the most affordable swap rate for users’ tokens.

PoolX: A dApp centered around yield farming. Allows users to farm zSeed tokens, a new token, with more new tokens on the roadmap.

Alpaca Finance X ITAM


In another new development, ITAM has also launched a new partnership with Alpaca Finance. This partnership allows users of Alpaca to gain 400% APR on PancakeSwap’s ITAM-BNB pairing, distributed in CAKE. This is leveraged 2x, giving users tremendous value on this pairing. This partnership benefits ITAM by gaining investors into their token and increasing its reach and value. Alpaca benefits from the potential of adding to their Total Value Locked (TVL) on the platform.

User Benefits 

Yield Farming is open now 

Bonus rewards for ITAM users until the middle of next month

There will be weekly bonus rewards for ITAM users and for transparency’s sake, the details of the reward will be made public on ITAM’s stake page.

ITAM rewards between today and the next 6 days will be claimed on the 22nd of this month.

This collaboration between Alpaca and ITAM will help users gain more market exposure since all BSC-related projects can leverage on the extra liquidity. Alpaca finance has the ability to function in a similar way to PancakeSwap’s syrup pools, but with the added advantage of providing leverage for its users. Partnered projects gain more liquidity by using Alpaca finance’s lending pools, and multiply the APYs on their farming pool. Consequently, their tokens become more attractive for all investors, especially new liquidity providers.

Endgame of Partnerships

Alpaca plans to continue delivering and multiplying PancakeSwap’s values, since PancakeSwap is thriving despite being majorly a liquidity platform. ITAM’s collaboration with Alpaca Finance will lead to great synergies for ITAM holders to increase their returns and make them active in the BSC ecosystem. Launchzone aims to draw more TVL onto their PoolX dApp through referral bonuses, as well as users adding to the liquidity of ITAM on PoolX. 

Source : bsc,news

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