Italian Football Legend, Alessandro Del Piero, Talks Sports and NFTs with Binance CEO, CZ

The biggest names in sport are clamouring toward crypto, it doesn’t get much bigger than Alessandro Del Piero

Italian Football Icon Del Piero Talks Crypto

Regarded as a genius on the football pitch, Del Piero appears to still be a step ahead of others in his industry as he gets to grips with crypto. 

In an AMA with CZ on ‘The Future of Sport’ held on November 15th, the italian icon spoke of his love for collecting cards as a youngster and how this may well have an influence on a generation that is just now coming into contact with NFTs. 

“The world of NFTs offers the possibility to do it (collect) on a larger scale”, the sporting hero explains, “physical cards can be destroyed, or you can lose them, this is not going to happen with your NFT.”

He has already understood and valued the huge contribution technology has had on sport in a direct way, and crypto is simply another opportunity for a positive influence.

 “The world moves on and changes, just as sport changes. Technology is already a huge part of physical sport. It’s good to discover new things.”

 CZ was certainly excited to be able to communicate alongside Del Piero about the huge opportunity for sports and crypto to come together: 

“This represents the more and more connections between blockchain and sport.” CZ stated.

His time with Del Piero proved to be mutually educational as CZ learned more about an internationally cherished sport, and Del Piero spoke of his hunger to learn more about the crypto industry.

Del Piero admitted he hasn’t yet collected NFTs but this is why he is here he explained, to understand completely how it works. He was appreciative of CZ’s time and the opportunity to learn more about crypto. 

When asked how he believes NFTs may change sport, his answer was an intriguing one:

“The traditional sports industry consists of many different players that are usually isolated from each other, with the rise of NFTs not only will fans connect with players, but it will also improve the connection and efficiency between different parties in the same industry. “

We look forward to more connections and efficiency in future!

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