Is Cake Monster Token Signaling the Alt-Coin Run?

The recent price movement suggests that the token may experience a huge pump in the crypto market.

The Beast of BSC

Altcoins and Nano-cap coins on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are trending in the blockchain space. These low market capped cryptocurrencies are thriving in the market, breaking incredible figures. One such token is Cake Monster, otherwise called the Beast of BSC. 

Over the past week, the Cake Monster $MONSTA token surged by a whopping 128.33%, according to the BSC News price index. The price surge may yet lead to another massive pump in the altcoin space. Crypto Monster supporter, Budddog, took to Twitter on February 7th to discuss the token’s price surge. 

“Here’s something. Last two times the $Monsta daily RSI crossed > 70, price rallied 11x & 10x respectively. It has crossed again. What’s it going to do this time? Tick Tock” the tweet read. 


Cake Monster also uploaded an illustration on Twitter the same day, analyzing the price movement. While both tweets suggest that the MONSTA token might pull off another altcoin bull run in the industry, the crypto market remains unpredictable. However, the threshold hit indicates an incoming pump. 10x maybe? 

The Cake Monster token is currently valued at $0.0059, according to the protocol’s Decentralized Application (dApp) dashboard. In addition, the $MONSTA token is just shy of 13K holders. As a nano-cap token, Cake Monsters has a market capitazliation of $33 million USD. 

Remember that BSC News always advises you to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before purchasing any token. 

What is Cake Monster? 

Cake Monster (MONSTA) is a hyper-deflationary and elastic supply token that has a unique reserve and reward mechanisms, featuring an automated hybrid monetary policy. 

Where to find Cake Monster: 

Website Twitter | Telegram | Medium 

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