Investing in This Altcoin Resembles Acquiring Binance Coin (BNB) at $1

Investing in This Altcoin Resembles Acquiring Binance Coin (BNB) at $1

Investing in Pullix (PLX): A Potential Game-Changer

Investors who were part of those who purchased BNB (BNB) at its crypto ICO in 2017 saw astronomical profits as the token surged significantly thereafter. Backed by the Binance exchange, BNB (BNB) intrigued investors, climbing from $1 in November 2017 to the $600 mark in 2021.

Similarly, Pullix (PLX) is getting huge hype in the crypto market. With its unique solution of creating a hybrid exchange, analysts predict that Pullix is set to redefine the scope of crypto trading, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in now.

Pullix (PLX): Creating a Crypto Exchange With a Touch of Centralized and Decentralized Features

Pullix’s bullish trajectory since it started the presale has been likened to the past trajectory of BNB. Pullix investors’ attention has gone to another level with the token getting listed on Coingecko. Although the price isn’t yet available on Coingecko, investors are trooping to buy the presale.

Many centralized and decentralized exchanges usually lack liquidity and command high gas fees, making it extremely difficult for investors to transact. Moreover, many of these exchanges are susceptible to hacking, putting investors’ assets at risk. With Pullix, the story will be different. Through the high-security architecture of blockchain technology, Pullix will combine the features of both CeFi and DeFi exchanges to develop a hybrid system.

On Pullix, investors will have total control over their assets, eliminating the need for third-party intervention. Not only that, Pullix will charge a 0% commission on every trade and ensure the swiftness of the transaction once it is completed. A host of different passive income packages has been earmarked for investors to increase their earnings. Packages such as yield farming, staking, and giveaways are available for investors to explore and win.

  • One such giveaway is ongoing where the top three investors who make the most hilarious meme of PLX are rewarded with $250, $100, and $50. The ongoing meme contest will end on 20th February.
  • The platform ERC20 token, PLX is currently at the 7th stage of presale and is selling at $0.10.
  • Smart investors have spotted the potential of Pullix and have been accumulating the PLX token consistently.

With over $4.6 million raised in the presale so far, Pullix’s growth potential is clear for all to see. Banking on this exciting Pullix potential, analysts rate Pullix as one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in now and are predicting the token to appreciate by 200% at the end of presale and return 30x when launched.

Analysts Forecast BNB (BNB) Resurgence Despite Downtrend

BNB’s (BNB) astronomical surge after its crypto ICO in 2017 shocked the crypto world with investors entering the token at a price of less than $1. With the Ethereum blockchain traffic overload resulting in scalability issues, BNB migration to its blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) fueled developer’s adoption, raising the BNB price to its all-time high of $690 in May 2021.

Although the bear market may have affected the BNB price, analysts are predicting the token to stage a comeback soon. With the BNB trading volume increasing in the past week, analysts predict that the token price will rally in the next bull market.

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