InuTube Launches as the Premier Web3 Decentralized Video Platform

Lofty goals: Via watch-to-earn, InuTube is targeting 100 million daily viewers by the end of the year.


InuTube is a Watch-to-Earn platform providing an easy way to earn while watching your favorite videos. InuTube has its own Web3 Video platform, Mobile App, and Staking platform. With the capacity to keep growing and expanding, InuTube aims to follow the growth of the market demand. The future of watch-to-earn has arrived!

Global Mission

The core focus is to present the Web3 Decentralized Video Platform InuTube. InuTube offers its clients a decentralized video platform where the user’s privacy is the main priority. The platform provides earning rewards to users that watch videos as well as content creators per view. Opening its doors to new crypto users, InuTube is providing a FIAT buy system where users are able to purchase ITUBE with ease. With the Mobile App, the platform provides a fast and easy login system for users to earn anywhere and anytime. InuTube (ITUBE), through its smart contract technology, aims to unite content creators and viewers into a decentralized platform by providing rewards for both parties and creating a new open market earning system that benefits the content creators and the viewers.


Many individuals spend a significant amount of time watching videos without gaining any financial benefits. InuTube aims to change this by providing viewers with an earning system that imparts not only informative knowledge from the videos but also offers financial incentives for their time spent watching. InuTube aims to attract 17% of the 500 billion viewers worldwide in its first year, garnering investor interest in its native token. This will also increase the value of the earning pool through traffic within its platform, leading to growth in net worth. InuTube takes the interests of both parties into consideration by providing earning rewards for viewers.

InuTube Token Information

Acting as the native currency of the platform, InuTube’s token ITUBE is built on BNB Chain.

InuTube is an open-source Utility project, but also community-driven. Becoming a decentralized currency that allows people to invest and become a part of the InuTube Utility user’s in a non-government ecosystem. We reward our Investors with our platforms. First with our Watch To Earn Platform, and second with our staking platform, where investors will gain interest on their staked tokens. This is because our investors help maintain the network stability.

The platform’s native token is built on BNB Chain. InuTube is an open-source utility project that is also community-driven; hence, the token serves as a decentralized currency that allows the community to invest and participate in the InuTube governance. Investors are rewarded in two ways: first, through the Watch-to-Earn platform, and second, through the staking platform, where investors can earn interest on their staked tokens. This is because the investors help maintain network stability.

InuTube has formulated a strategy for the tokenomics that aligns with the development of both the token and the InuTube platform in order to foster growth and expansion.

Smart Contract: 0x3da2339d3ffb3c3038f2ed3c14622a8ccbac73b6 


Dedicated Supply to Pancakeswap: 85% 

Future Development Supply: 5% 

CEX Supply: 10% 

Team Wallet: 5% 

Max Wallet: 15.000.000 (1.5%) 


Buy: 8% 

Sell: 8% 

Taxes broken down 

Marketing Wallet: 5% 

Liquidity: 1% 

Earning pool: 2% 

Recommended Slippage: 9 – 10%

Tax Breakdown

The team has selected a tax of 8/8% for the first stage until Phase 4 in the InuTube roadmap. The purpose of the marketing wallet funds is exclusively for promoting and increasing exposure for InuTube. The team is committed to maintaining transparency with both investors and potential investors. The liquidity breakdown will receive a smaller percentage, which is only 1% of the tax. The team will cover this amount and increase liquidity per fortnight/monthly for the first stage. The earning pool will receive a 2% tax distribution, which is a method of generating earning rewards for the platform. The funds will be converted into BUSD before distribution to each earning receiver.

In Phase 4 of the roadmap, future tokenomics will change, and the tax will decrease to 3-3%. The new distribution will be as follows: 1% for the marketing wallet and 2% for the earning pool wallet. This will be strategically implemented to improve the ratio between the market capacity and liquidity.

InuTube Utility

Staking Platform

InuTube has its staking platform, which is LIVE at

Video Platform

The InuTube Video platform is a robust Web3 Decentralized Video Platform. It is built on BNB Chain, which means that it has fast and easily accessible capabilities, and offers fully secure privacy. Users can earn income by watching and uploading videos on the InuTube platform. To start generating income, all they need to do is log in and begin watching. In addition to this, the platform offers several features such as easy wallet connection, auto-generated earnings sent directly to the user’s wallet in BUSD, multiple category choices, and easy-to-use interface.

How to Earn from Watching

You can start earning by simply watching videos on InuTube’s Platform. 


For iOS / Desktop

  • Purchase InuTube’s native token ITUBE on the BSC network.
  • Visit and connect your wallet. Ensure that you connect the wallet that holds your ITUBE Tokens.
  • You will be directed to InuTube’s homepage.
  • Register an account using the same wallet that holds your ITUBE Tokens, and click “Return to” once you have finished.
  • Start watching videos on InuTube. Remember to log in again after 24 hours before watching more videos.

For Android

  • Purchase InuTube’s Native token, ITUBE, on the BSC network.
  • Search and download the InuTube app from the Play Store.
  • Register for an account. Make sure to use the same wallet that is holding your ITUBE Tokens.
  • Click “return to,” and you will be directed to the InuTube website.
  • Connect your wallet to the app. Be sure to connect the same wallet that is holding your ITUBE Tokens.
  • Start watching videos on the InuTube platform.
  • Remember to log in again after 24 hours before watching more videos.

How to Earn from Uploading

  • Purchase InuTube’s native token ITUBE on the BSC network.
  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet, ensuring that it is the same wallet that holds ITUBE tokens. You will be directed to the home page of
  • Register an account using the same wallet that holds ITUBE tokens. Click “Return to” after registering.
  • Click the “+” button on the top right corner of the page to upload your content. Make sure to fill in the correct data and use the same wallet that holds ITUBE tokens.
  • Start sharing your content and gaining views.

Project Information

Project Goals

InuTube has outlined its main goals for the future of the project. These goals include achieving its roadmap to become the biggest Web3 decentralized video platform. In addition, the company aims to increase its holders to 250,000 by the end of 2023 and to reach a value of $0.01 USD per ITUBE token within six months after launch. Furthermore, InuTube aims to attract 100 million daily video watchers by the end of 2023 and become the next biggest Web3 video platform.

Learn more via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper

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