Introducing USEON – World’s First Use-to-Earn Ecosystem

USEON is the world’s first Use-To-Earn ecosystem where users can earn while using their mobile.

A Use-To-Earn Ecosystem

Did you know an average mobile user spends almost four and half hours on a mobile phone? Have you ever considered earning rewards and a side income while using your mobile phone? Seems unrealistic, right?

Well, not anymore. Introducing USEON, the world’s first Use-to-Earn ecosystem. Here users can earn while using their mobile. USEON has its own unique inbuilt Earn-fi elements to help you earn rewards while you use your mobile phone. 

How Use-to-Earn Ecosystem Works?

Users will earn IN-APP currency simply by using their mobile phones. This currency may be either contributed to charitable organizations or cashed out.

There are five ranks depending on how much time a user spends on the mobile phone. The minimum time you need to spend on your mobile to be eligible to earn the $UERN tokens is 30 minutes. You can earn 100 $UERN by spending only 30 minutes. On the other hand, the highest rank is Legendary, where users will have to spend at least two and half hours on their mobile phones. By spending this amount of time, users can earn up to 200 $UERN. Later, users can convert these tokens into money. 

The USEON app will track and monitor the typical time you spend on your phone. A predetermined number of $UERN tokens will be sent to each user’s wallet daily with the support of the system management application. You will receive messages from the tracker on frequent uses and rewards. After accumulating a predetermined number of tokens, you can withdraw $UERN.

This income will be delivered using an hourly using ratio, and the ratio will be given based on hourly use. Tokens are not challenging to obtain in the regular amount demanded by the market. When there is a high demand for $UERN, individuals receive a smaller proportion of tokens to keep the ecosystem demand ratio high. 

The Team

The diverse team behind the app is capable of disrupting the crypto market with the introduction of this new ecosystem. The team comprises developers, marketing managers and advisors from around the world. The goal is to make users financially independent while educating them about the web 3.0 in the smartest and easier ways possible, and the team is perfectly capable of doing it. 

The team behind USEON wants to show consumers how revolutionary Web3 can and will be while developing a stable platform that encourages user-generated Web3 content. The team behind USEON believes this objective can only be accomplished by depending on Web3’s earning features and keeping the user interface as simple as possible.

Cool Roadmap

The project is set to complete in multiple phases and will continue to develop over time. The team at USEON has put some cool names to these phases and developments. Their first phase, where they developed the concept and worked on community development, is known as the ‘Cupcake.’ 

The second and third phases are named, Donut and Eclair, respectively. During these phases, the team worked on launching the alpha app, marketing the project, NFT market launch, private sale and building the perfect team to kick off the project.

The team was expanded in the subsequent few phases to bring in more capable developers and marketers. The beta app was launched, the native token was introduced through DEXs, and the project was audited by Certik, ensuring the app is safe to launch and ready to use.

In the development phase known as the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich,’ the project was marketed globally, and the concept of Use-to-Earn was launched. 

Next, USEON partnered with prominent organizations like COINHUNT, IKONIC, NABOX, and GENTLEMAN CAPITAL. The strategic partnership with such huge organizations made it possible for the project to reach more users worldwide and gain more traction.

The last phase of the project is named ‘New York Cheesecake.’ The plan under this phase is to integrate metaverse, bring innovation to the entertainment system and add more CEX listings.


Our NFT is ready, There will be 5000 NFT’s released. All are generated automatically with 50+ attributes. There are five categories, they are:

Legendary: 1-54

Epic: 55-199

Rare: 200-1599

Uncommon: 1600- 2999

Common: 3000- 5000.


The total supply of $UERN tokens is 1,000,000,000. 6% of the total tokens are allocated for private sale. 8% are given to the partners, and 14% are stored for public sale. 

26% of the tokens are allocated for Use-to-Earn. This means users will earn these tokens by using the app and spending time on their mobile phones.

7% of the tokens are for the team, and3% are allocated for the advisors. 2% are allocated for Airdrop. Airdrop is a marketing strategy that involves delivering tokens into the users’ wallets for a small promotional service.

Lastly, 7% of the tokens are allocated to the liquidity pool to avoid or tackle drastic price changes.

Where to find USEON?

You can download the USEON app from AppStore or the play store. It is available for both android and IOS.


We are glad to have @bscpleb as an advisor for USEON, who is also the head designer of BSC NEWS and co-founder of Billion Happiness and founder of PlebStudio & VP of Mimo Capital.

To learn more about the project, head over to their socials:


Telegram channel

Telegram Group





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