Introducing Unus DAO 2.0

Unus DAO is a new DeFi 2.0 + GameFi platform under Unus-Verse, built upon a decentralized reserve currency protocol.

The Rise of DeFi 2.0 and Unus DAO

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 2.0 has recently emerged as a phenomenon with the hope to tackle some of the common problems including the one associated with liquidity provision.

One solution that has risen to the forefront is Olympus DAO’s bonding model which allows the protocol to use bonds to exchange LP tokens from users for the protocol’s native token at a discount.

As a result, protocols can purchase and own their own liquidity, removing the risk for liquidity and capital exits and building up a long-lasting pool that can generate revenue for the protocol.

Users are incentivized to exchange their LP tokens through bonds to enjoy higher return on investment compared to buying and staking the token directly. 

Inspired by the ingenuous solution to liquidity and sustainability pioneered by Olympus, Unus DAO realized that there is an even bigger role that such decentralized reserve currency protocols can play.

Gamified Farming Experience with Real Asset Backing

On top of the treasury, bonding and staking mechanics, Unus DAO takes one step further by creating a Unus metaverse (Unus-Verse), a GameFi platform where its native token – UDO – works as a governance token and medium of exchange, offering users multiple yield generation opportunities in a more engaging and exciting way, with Spice Mining introduced as the first GameFi experience in Unus-verse.

The story of Spice Mining takes place during a certain interstellar expansion period In Unus-Verse, where Spice is the most valuable resource and can only be found on the planet of Unus.

Only the local people (Miners) know how to locate and harvest Spice and they harvest it in a controlled manner to thrive. However one day a group of interstellar colonists (Looters) arrive at Unus; they are on the hunt for Miners and their precious Spice. With their superior military power, they not only exploit Miners economically, but also kidnap Miners and rob all their Spice whenever possible.

How It Works

A dual token system is adopted in Unus-verse. UDO functions as the governance token and enables the upgrading of Looters and higher level Miners, while Spice is used to mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and upgrade lower level Miners.

The max supply of Spice is 400,000,000 (initial price is set as 0.1 BUSD) while UDO will be minted based on the growth of the treasury.

Mint & Upgrade

•  When you mint an NFT, you have 90% chance of getting a Miner and 10% chance of getting a Looter. Once the mining starts, there is also a 10% chance that your minted Miner or Looter gets kidnapped by another Looter when you mint or unstake, which means that the NFT will be transferred to another user rather than to the minter itself

•  Miners come with 8 levels and Looters have 5 levels. You can choose to upgrade your Miners or Looters using Spice or UDO

 Stake to Earn Spice

•  You can stake your Miners or Looters to earn Spice. The amount of Spice harvested depends on the level of your Miners or Looters

•  When you harvest the Spice yield produced by Miners, you will have to pay 20% tax to Looters

•  Miners do need rest. Users have to stop harvesting Spice for two days before you can unstake your Miners while Looters can be unstaked whenever possible. When you unstake a Miner NFT, there is also 50% chance that you will lose the unclaimed Spice to another Looter

•  There is also a props type of NFT – Defensive Shield. When Miners accumulate two days of Spice yield, they will have the chance to receive a Defensive Shield. It can prevent Miners from paying taxes. Alternatively, if the Miner or Looter uses the Defensive Shield when unstaking, the harvested Spices will not be stolen by another Looter. Defensive Shield is a consumable NFT and needs to be staked to be effective. It can only be used once to protect one Miner or Looter

•  The chances of getting Defensive Shied NFT depend on the level of your character

Treasury & UDO Rewards

•  Spice-BUSD LP bond will also be offered in exchange for discounted Spice

•  The profit will also go to Unus DAO treasury and UDO will be minted accordingly to reward Spice stakers

Road Map

Starting with Spice Mining, Unus DAO is committed to become the next generation of GameFi platforms, built upon the innovative tokenomics of the decentralized reserve currency protocol. The platform hopes to continue to grow and enrich the farming experience in Unus-Verse.

With its unique bonding model, it can also help other GameFi protocols to solve liquidity issues while offering users more enjoyable and rewarding yield generation opportunities.

NFT Minting Started on Dec 17

•  Quantity & Price

There are 5,000 Gen 0 NFTs for sale only, minted for 100 BUSD each, out of which 20% will be used to provide liquidity; 80% will be used to purchase UDO Bonds and deposited into treasury, and then UDO will be minted to distribute to UDO stakers accordingly

•  sUDO Holder Benefit

sUDO holders can enjoy discount for purchasing Gen 0 NFT; holding 10 sUDO entitles a10% discount and holding 20 sUDO entitles a 20% discount

•  Referral Reward

Invite your friends to join Unus-verse! For every Gen 0 NFT they mint, you will receive a 10% reward in BUSD!

More excitement awaits in Unus-verse. Get involved now!

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