Introducing the first IDOs dedicated app, IDOHunt app

New IDOs are written constantly as the demand becomes stronger. In your profitable investment, information plays a larger role. The IDOHunt app is introduced so you won’t miss any chance.

Project introduction

The phenomenon of today is IDOs (initial dex offers), more than 200 IDOs have been in operation since January and daily new ones released, with a very high ROI for investors. Most of these ventures. However, the challenge with IDOs is that they cannot be found easily and, above all, that they are legally lawful and willing to engage in them is much harder to grasp.

IDOHunt is the first completely and easily used dedicated application to the IDO environment with an ever-updated database (past, ongoing, upcoming IDOs).

In late April, beta version of IDOHunt app was released with interesting features: 

– All in one App. It will be the first App dedicated to the world of IDOs, complete and easy to use. With a simple and user-friendly interface, this app can help you to discover and choose IDOs that are right for you. 

– Database always updated. With past, ongoing and upcoming IDOs, and their relative ROI, you can have all the necessary data for successful investments. 

– Notification alert. Choose the IDOs you want to follow, you will be continuously updated on their progress.

– Referral program. Invite your friends to join the hunt and earn tokens on every subscription.

25% buy-back. 25% of the revenue of the app will be used to do a buy-back of the tokens at market price on a weekly basis.

– Token Governance. Token Holders will be able to vote and determine the future development of the App.

– Community. Where you can share opinions and experiences.

– Learn Section. If you are new to the IDO’s world, you have nothing to fear! Learn what you need to know thanks to IDOHunt.

– Whitelisting management: Join and track whitelistings inside the app, without any hassle. 

About Beta app

In late April, IDOHunt’s beta edition was released to validate the functionality and, most importantly, collect User input so as to enhance their aspects. The official app will be available for the public when the beta process is over.

In addition to having many IDOs in the “Upcoming IDOs” section, IDOHunt offers an incredible feature that allows you to participate in whitelists directly from the app. Thanks to the button that refers directly to the form.

In addition if you press Trade $IDO, the app allows you to go to PancakeSwap directly, where you can begin trading.

Moreover, the Learn section was recently added where users can study the terms, phases that have been used in cryptocurrency. Detailed explanation can help new investors save learning time and start investing quickly when fully-acknowledged the market. 

Besides, you can explore the upcoming IDOs and the list of launchers. With detail listed information for each IDO and launcher, you can now learn more well before making any investment. 

Not all the features promised are available in the beta application yet, and further work is needed to start the IDOHunt application. However, IDOHunt still looks very promising.

Future goals and partnerships

They expect a lot of creative features to make the app one of a kind. The ability to take part directly from the app in whitelists to monitor anything. More and more incorporated learning portions. The chance to rate the IDOs and describe the most fascinating.

The key for both network and app operations is $IDO token. It has several different roles, beginning with its core position in the platform’s governance. IDO holders can vote to decide potential improvements and grow the APP itself. 

The developers will submit weekly changes and the group will vote whether the change is applied successfully or not depending on its priorities. The main function, though, is the potential for IDOs in some of the most hyped IDOs to have a secure location. The greater the tokens, the more proportional would be the distribution.

Indeed, for most of the upcoming ventures, it plans to create several collaborations. More specifics will be released shortly on this feature.

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