Introducing the brand new yield farming project – DumplingSwap


DumplingSwap is a gamified, community-driven yield farming project created by a group of enthusiastic Software Developers with DeFi experience. Their goal is to provide a powerful DeFi ecosystem that aims to revolutionize this sector in order to develop an economically viable yield farming culture. They want to be a member of the BSC Ecosystem and a challenger to Eth DeFi ventures.

Their project incorporates some of the latest DeFi concepts and functionality available. They believe that by incorporating various burning processes, as well as an automatic liquidity and anti-whale scheme, they will be able to maintain and have long-term investment returns. Every day, several projects are launched; the team has studied and evaluated all of them, and they are ready to develop something new.

The launch of DumplingSwap V2 was set for Friday, May 14, 2021. There was no pre-sale, IDO, or seed round.

Farming has already begun in block TBA on Friday, May 14, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. UTC. 7409200 200 000 is the block size. SpaceDumplings was minted and applied to liquidity pools at a starting price of 0.1$ 230 000. 

SpaceDumplings was minted and circulated to Dumpling Holders over the course of three days following delivery (snapshot of token holders has been taken on Monday 10th). Tokens can be tracked at this address: 0xE2A4d877F22e10C8a1C7E207f75443dFd0F8eFFB.


High Priority:

– DumplingSwap V2 Launch

– Audits

– Fortune Wheel Game

– Space Dumpler, Space Dumpler Mini

– SpaceDumpling Airdrop (to DUMP holders)

– 1st Airdrop Competition

– Listing application: Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, DappRadar, BscScan

– Dice Game

– Numbers lottery

– AMA on BscDaily

Medium Priority:

– Dumpling Vaults

– NFTs

– Meme competition

Long term goals:

– AMM Decentralized Exchange

– IFO Platform

– Voting

– Analytics Platform

– Flash Loans


Name: Dumpling Token

Symbol: DUMP

Contract: 0x13F6751ba11337BC67aBBdAd638a56194ee133B8

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Supply: Unlimited

Transfer Tax

Burn Rate: 1% of transfer tax will be burned immediately

Automatic Liquidity Rate: 4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.

Total Transfer Tax Rate: 5% of every transfer

Anti-Whale: Transactions over 1% of the total supply will be charged 20% (5% tax will apply to the remaining amount)

*Transfer tax applies to every activity that involves transferring a token from one address to another

Emission Rate

10 SDUMP / block

8.5% to the dev team for project growth and marketing

1% to the Dumpler Game

0.5% to the Mini Dumpler Game

*6% slippage must be set on Panackeswap in order to buy the token

Automatic Liquidity Tipping

Any trade involving the SpaceDumpling token is subject to a 5% transfer fee. Automatically, 4% would be applied to the SDUMP-BNB liquidity pool. As a result, liquidity will be constantly the, making the price more stable for each sale. The remaining 1% will be immediately burned; you will learn more about it here.

Liquidity applied by this process would be inaccessible except to the manager, implying that there is little chance that it would be redeemed by the team.

Automatic Token Burn

Any sale would be subject to a 5% tax, with 1% of that amount immediately burning, lowering the overall circulation stock. The remaining 4% will be added to the liquidity; more information can be found here.

In addition to the tax burn charge, they burn a portion of the prize pool of each of their games.

Harvest Lookup 

The project inherited the harvest lockup feature from PantherSwap. Essentially, this ensures that farming rewards cannot be harvested immediately; instead, users can only harvest rewards per harvest interval. For an example, see the details below. This system was created to keep farming arbitrage bots from harvesting and dumping all the time.

The user deposits 100 SDUMP tokens into the pool with a harvest time of 2 hours. Since making the payment, the customer would be unable to collect their prizes for another 2 hours. After the time has elapsed, the user will be able to harvest again, but any successive harvest will reset the timer to 2 hours.

Anti Whale 

The expression ‘whale’ refers to a wealthy trader who can drive the economy by purchasing or selling in vast quantities. This can be disastrous for a new project and they can regulate the price to any extent.

Any transfer* that is greater than or equal to 1% (at first) of the overall supply would be subject to a 20% tax. But for the 20% tax, the usual 5% tax remains in effect.


Total Supply – 100 000 $SDUMP

1% * totalSupply = 1000 $SDUMP

User attempts to transfer 1000 tokens from one address to another.

20% * 1000 = 200

That leaves us with 800 tokens (1000-200), 200 tokens will be added to the liquidity automatically.

Now we apply 5% tax

1% * 800 = 8 (amount of tokens that will be burned)

4% * 800 = 32 (amount of tokens that will be added to the liquidity)

Now let’s sum up:

Total Supply = 100 000

Tokens Transferred = 1000

Tokens added to liquidity = 232

Tokens burned = 8

Tokens received = 760

*transfer includes deposit, buy, sell, send

The Dumpler 

The Dumpler game has a 15-second countdown timer that resets after each bid. The minimum bid is 1% of the Dumpler balance.

10% of the bid would be burnt.

If a user wins, the following Dumpler balance is distributed:

The winner’s address will be credited with 50% of the prize money immediately.

35% of the fuel is used.

15% of the prize money is carried on to the next round. If no bids are placed within a 15-minute time, the game ends and everyone can claim the winner’s prize to begin a new game.

Occasionally, a portion of the buyback will be applied to the payout pool.

Dumpler Mini

Dumpler Mini is Dumpler’s younger brother; the rules are somewhat similar, except in this game, the last three people standing win. This version was designed to deter whales from dominating bids. Only reflex is important in this variant.

Gameplay Guidelines

The Dumpler Mini game has a two-hour countdown timer that does not restart before the timer expires.

The minimum bid is 5% of the Dumpler balance.

10% of the bid would be burnt.

If a user wins, the following Dumpler balance is distributed:

40% of the fuel is used.

10% is carried forward to the next round.

50 percent is assigned to the first three winners: first place receives 60 percent (of 50 percent total).

30 percent for second place (of 50 percent total).

10% for third place (of 50 percent total).

If no bids are received within 15 minutes, the game is over, and everyone can demand the winner’s prize to begin a new game.

Source : bscdaily

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