Introducing Sandman Finance Layer 5 Desire

Yield farming was the most talked-about issue during the DeFi summer of 2020. In 2021, the total quantity of money in cash pools is predicted to expand significantly! Sandman Farm is currently an excellent investment prospect.

Sandman Finance is embarking on a comic adventure, unleashing layers upon layers. With the release of the fifth layer desire, they have ended the wait. The previous four layers have been quite successful, and we are looking forward to the success of the fifth layer. Desire continues reading to find out more about the Sandman Finance fifth layer!

Limited Supply Of Tokens

The DESIRE token has a set maximum supply of 500,000 units.

Launch of the Pre-Sale

The most effective strategy to increase project liquidity while avoiding Bots is a fair launch with a black listing feature—the most equitable of all launch methods.

Kingdoms of Desire

The Desire Kingdom is a feature in which our community is rewarded for holding the $DESIRE token.

  • Playing the price prediction game (MATIC/USD) can help you get out of harvest prison.
  • Use your NFT Card to increase your benefits.
  • Chain Link powers Oracle and VFR Random.

Anti-Bots Protection

Bot identification technologies have been introduced to protect legitimate investors in their communities.


They pushed farming to the next level by supporting the community in achieving higher profits through auto-compounding, eliminating the need for investor engagement. Vaults are more complex farms that undertake automated compounding without the involvement of investors.

It simply sells half of your rewards, re-stakes the LP, and pays you cash. It’s as if everything is completed in the blink of an eye for you. You won’t have to worry about whether this method improves your revenue. Your yield is doubled every 5 minutes. They will take care of the harvesting and optimization. Vaults ensure that you get the most delicate potential yields without putting in any work. This is an excellent vaulting maneuver. A few strategies will be used in their vaults.


Anyone who desires to farm their coins in the traditional method can do so in this project.


Sandman Finance will feature seven layers, just like the comic. The fourth layer of destruction is soon to be launched. After farming begins, those will be released over time.

Sales Of NFT

They will hold an NFT Generation #3 Sale on this layer destruction.

Merge NFT

You can combine many cards from the same generation to create a powerful one. You’ll be able to merge your existing NFT Cards on this layer. You’ll be able to combine NFTs of the same generation to create a more powerful NFT of the same generation. It is not possible to connect generations. There will be a tally of skills.

Chain-link Oracles for NFT Prediction

You can unlock harvest early in their Desire Kingdom by correctly guessing Matic Price behavior.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding Layer 5 Desire!

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