Introducing Robo Canary Genesis Edition

Robo Canary birds are miners’ best friends in Dalarnia. It follows you around and alerts players to potential hazards and enemies. At higher levels, you can send it to the surface with materials in order to clear room in your pack. The Canary is also a secondary light source which will allow you to see things on the screen further than the character’s light source can reach. Each canary has its speciality, the rarer your canary is, the more “powerful” they are in the game.

There are 10 types of canary birds, with a total amount of 20,000 — they are all living on BSC at the moment. After adoption, you could import your canary into the game when the mainnet game is launched. There would only be ordinary canaries after the Genesis Edition mint. Although you could still adopt a canary after the game is launched (like what you have in the current game), your birds wouldn’t look as exotic and rare.

The canary birds are distributed into 4 rarity levels. Among the 20,000 NFTs, N — 50%; R — 25%; SR — 15%; SSR — 10%.

Golden Canary

Golden Canary — level N

Golden Canary birds are most commonly seen with miners as they are the among the earliest creatures on Dalarnia planet.

The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor — level R

Although it looks cold and dark, The Plague Doctor is actually warm-hearted and travelling together is good for your health.

The Love Bird

The Love Bird — level SR

Definitely a rare find in Dalarnia where everyone is driven by hidden treasures, it is the world, yet it is nothing at all. Isn’t it what love is about?

The Punk

The Punk — level R

“I heard that my human friends are trading punks at millions?”

The Phoenix

The Phoenix — level SSR

Apart from the extravagant appearance, they are also the guardian of the lava land. Make sure you have one when going into the fires.

Tech Rave

Tech Rave — level SR

Cyber Punk is the way to go, even in Dalarnia! Tech Rave canary loves to experiment with new things around mining.

The Mushroom

The Mushroom — level SR

The Mushroom canary is definitely not the fast movers among all canaries; yeah it is so slow that mushroom starts growing on it — hmm maybe it’s nutritious?

The Witch

The Witch — level R

It is hard to control a Witch, but would be nice to have a friend that knows some magic?

The Knight

The Knight — level SSR

With its special armour, The Knights are brave and ready to fight all enemies and monsters with you.

The Riches

The Riches — level SSR

The Riches are rich for a reason. Ask them to guide you to find the treasures in Dalarnia.

10 Variations of The Genesis Edition Robo Canary

The Genesis Edition Robo Canary will debut on Binance NFT marketplace this week! You also stand a chance to get one for free by joining the Mining Apes Collection NFT mint event. We welcome you to join the Dalarnia community and hunt for treasures together with the other brave explorers.

Dalarnians, onward and upward!

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