Introducing RareMall – The Revolutionary Content Creation NFT Marketplace

A Revolutionary Approach to Content Creation The NFT Marketplace on BSC enables anybody to use their abilities and creativity to shape the future of digital production.

What is RareMall?

RareMall NFT Marketplace with token MALL – a revolutionary marketplace that will change the way NFTs creators sell & buy unique digital goods. It is expected to be the first content creation NFT Marketplace to aim at building the future of digital creation for EVERYONE. The RareMall ecosystem benefits all stakeholders, empowers everyone with hassle-free access to top trending NFTs products and provides tight security for online transactions via NFT technology.

RareMall Seed Sale

Which problems remain in the NFT Market?

Despite the fact that numerous NFT markets have been created, every NFT developer and other stakeholders understand the NFT market and the pain points that they have been experiencing. Typical issues include: a difficult-to-use interface, disparities in digital asset price that cause an imbalance in the market, a lack of user engagement, and, most importantly, a lack of skill and creativity recognition for NFT Artists, Collectors, Traders, and Investors.

How RareMall solve and serve the demands?

They realize the future immersion potential of NFTs. They intend to give an all-in-one solution to the aforementioned challenges and add greater value to all NFTs communities with the help of an experienced development team, rivals’ operating methods, and a wealth of understanding about the industry and user psychology.

Their solution optimizes & creates the best NFT marketplace and users experience by doing better than others in terms of both UI & UX and other unique features. RareMall mints NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. Social and engagement aspects are likewise combined with NFTs & DeFi, making us outstanding as we offer an emotional and passionate platform. RareMall set mechanisms to price assets, auction live chat, and so much more activities launched to value stakeholders.

RareMall empowers much more than simply selling and purchasing NFTs, with the aim of establishing a platform and community that exhibits and makes it simple to find top trending NFTs goods.

What makes RareMall different?

RareMall intends to improve their products with two major ambitions in mind: being a better marketplace than others and establishing themselves as the first NFT Marketplace owner.

A better marketplace than others

The RareMall Markets outperforms the other marketplace. It is a comprehensive synthesis of all DeFi features. RareMall, in addition to being supportive of AR and VR for digital goods, provides a flexible system for pricing assets. In addition, RareMall has appealing product pages, category pages, collection pages, and clear authorized and privacy policies.

To be the first NFT Marketplace owning

RareMall, in particular, is the first and the best NFT Marketplace that recognizes user participation and adds value. It has a dynamic and radically enhanced filter and search navigation engine, as well as an interactive social media profile and portfolio page. A fantastic auction live chat is also included. Furthermore, the speed of checkout with NFTs bundles has been increased.

Project Roadmap 

RareMall Token – MALL

Project Tokenomics

Aside from the marketplace, RareMall will be controlled and funded by MALL tokens, which are native and fungible.

Tokenomics Detail

Token: Mall

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard: ERC20

Type of token: Utility Token

Token Utilities

Payment: MALL token is used as the primary payment method and to pay transaction fees on the RareMall platform.

Advertising: Users can purchase spots to display their NFTs on any of RareMall’s online exhibits.

Royalty: Token MALL is used to compensate authors for their authorization rights as a commission on secondary sales.

Lending/ Borrowing: Users may use their NFT assets as security for a loan or lend to other users on their NFTs.

Staking/ Earning: Users can obtain RareMall rewards by staking MALL in their wallets or the wallets of other NFT holders for a set length of time.

Yield Farming: By investing bitcoin in a DeFi market, users may earn fixed or variable interest.

Governance: By owning MALL, users have the ability to vote on crucial RareMall updates.

Renting: The smart contract ensures that the borrower cannot resell or damage the object and that it is returned to the owner when the rental time expires.


Total Token:

Token sale: 20%

Team & Advisors: 10%

Marketing & Community: 25%

Community Mining: 5%

Liquidity Fund: 5%

Partnership & Exchange: 5%

Charity Fund: 10%

Staking Rewards: 10%

Reserves: 10%

Is it worth investing in RareMall?

The new launch RareMall with huge potential is worth your investment due to:

Revolutionary approach for NFT marketplace: Aside from the marketplace, the RareMall platform is a community that celebrates skill and innovation. It provides both traders and customers with easy access to top trending NFTs items, making it an appealing medium for online transactions. In terms of monetization and token trading experience, the RareMall ecosystem benefits all players, including investors, NFTs sellers, buyers, and crypto traders. Tight security for online transactions is provided by NFT technology, allowing you to conduct any transaction with confidence, regardless of the value. RareMall, in particular, recognizes and rewards talent and creativity, with a huge concentration on developing and producing additional activities, increasing user engagement, boosting transactions, and improving price balance. They commit to keep  track and evaluate users’ activities and interests so that they can build new features that add value to the users’ experience.

NFTs Diversification: RareMall now supports a wide range of popular types of NFTs, including NFT art, virtual game goods, NFT game, domains, and memes. However, they do not want to stop there; based on their research of user desire and industry trends, they intend to open the door to other NFT types. As with Opensea and Rarible, they will not offer everything on their marketplace; instead, their strategy will focus on the top trending and most revenue-driven NFT categories as game assets. RareMall may support many platforms thanks to this functionality, and users can benefit from the strong community building among them.

Great future potentials: RareMall has a lot of room to develop in the future. Aside from the unique characteristic of being the first and the best NFT marketplace to empower everyone’s participation in the future of digital production, it also promises a far larger network of cooperation from the mainstream entertainment business, as well as additional payment options to come. Artist gatherings and activities to recognize the ability of the artists in the RareMall community are also in the works. Furthermore, membership is likely to be implemented in order to benefit consumers even more.


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