After months of hard work, it’s finally time to announce publicly the arrival of!

The project is funded and created by a team originally building DeFi on Ethereum, but since 2021 has been solely shifted to Binance Smart Chain due to its promising future: True open finance for everyone, not only ETH whales.

Moneytime has amazing product-market-fit is designed with one important purpose in mind: to create a sustainable yield platform for the long-term.

There is a gaping hole in the BSC ecosystem for a quality yield platform that incentivizes long-term sustainability over short-term pump-n-dump mentality.

We realize that to achieve this, we need to re-think the whole yield-farming approach that usually focuses on the early hours and days of the product over the long-term.

Secondly, we need to counter-balance inflation (a necessary mechanism for yield platforms) by having users stake & hold the native token for pre-determined time periods and so reduce sell-side volatility bursts.

We wanted to create a mechanism for rewarding behaviors that contribute to the sustainability of the platform by solving the above two points, and is the product of these goals in mind.

On the surface, it‘s a yield platform like any other. But in reality, the tokenomics are set up in such a way that it will look and operate differently from the rest of the marketplace.

In short, we belive Moneytime has amazing product-market fit, that will not only be rewarding for our own users but also for Binance Smart Chain as a whole!

Monetizing the value of time

The first token you earn by providing liquidity is $TIME: a utility token that can be staked for a pre-determined time period in order to receive yield (in the form of $MONEY tokens).

The longer a user stakes their $TIME tokens, the larger their reward multipliers (and the larger yield they will earn).

(Read our full docs here).

Then there’s the ‘TIME POOLS’

As you know by now, the main mission of Moneytime is to reward price-positive behavior of users, such as buying, holding, and being a long-term member of the community.

The main mechanism to achieve this, we call TIME POOLS:

These are pools which allow users to earn the main token, $MONEY, by staking the utility token, $TIME.

The longer the user stakes the tool token $TIME, the greater the reward, $MONEY.

This greatly reduces sell-side pressure and helps create a long-term viable yield platform. It also creates more predictable market conditions, especially when paired with other tools such as our ‘Emergency Burn Fund ’, which you can read more about here.

There is also a social benefit from this. Users who are locked-in for a specific time period are more likely to promote the token and play more active roles within the community: it’s in their own self-interest to protect their investment.

 So when does MoneyTime launch?

The MoneyTime yield farm will start to roar and launch in June 2021!

Stay in touch in our TELEGRAM to know all new information as soon as it’s available.

Join our community now, to familiarize yourself with Moneytime and our members!


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