Introducing Metahero – When Deflationary Token Meets Ultra-HD Metascanning Technology

Metahero is a mix of a next-generation deflationary currency with 3D scanning and modeling technology that was launched with the goal of taking crypto adoption to the masses. 


Merging the technology and next-gen Token

Metahero begins with a sizable $10 million in self-funding from its creator, Robert Gryn. It will assist to begin the project as well as fund and design the second-generation Ultra-HD 16K metascanners. Their first-generation 4K chamber is already operational and will be relocated from Warsaw, Poland to Doha, Qatar.

Metahero introduces 3D scanning and modeling technology that creates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items for usage in games, virtual reality, social networking, and online fashion. The technology also enables the production of NFTs from real-world objects such as artworks and antiques.

They have collaborated with Wolf Studio, the world leader in 3D scanning. Their cutting-edge technology has been extensively tested and is being employed by major industry players. CD Projekt most recently developed characters for their hot new release, CyberPunk 2077.

Metahero, by combining this cutting-edge technology with a marketplace and a new deflationary token-based ecosystem, provides users, gamers, artists, and entrepreneurs with direct access to future virtual prospects.

The team behind Metahero has taken several firms from self-financing and early capital to ranking second on the Financial Times 1000 list of fastest-growing companies. They are the business behind Codewise, Europe’s second-fastest-growing company, with a sales rise of more than 13000 percent.

Mission & Vision

As cryptocurrencies allow everyone to construct autonomous, more egalitarian ecosystems and new possibilities, their primary objective is to drive this future ahead by developing fresh and exciting methods to speed mass adoption and get non-crypto individuals on board.

Metascanning will become the primary gateway to the metaverse. A link between the physical and digital worlds. They increase awareness and demonstrate the real-world value of crypto tokens beyond the speculative bubble by establishing lucrative companies driven by a decentralized economy.

Their first objective is to attract 10 million people to cryptocurrency via Metahero. In the long run, they hope to build the greatest library of 3D scanned real-world items and people, allowing everyone to examine artwork and allowing cultural treasures to remain forever digitized. 

How it works

3D Avatars

Metahero 3D chambers, which will be located all around the world, allow anybody to scan anything, including oneself, in super high-definition.

A user just has to install the Metahero app and have enough HERO tokens to pay for the scan on-site. Metahero Avatars are created in a matter of minutes.


Scanning artwork into 3D NFTs will be done in the same manner, with use time with their metascanner being paid for with their native HERO token, rather than paying each scanned item. Other use cases include music videos, cartoons, and games, such as CyberPunk 2077.

A mobile metascanner is being developed, which will go around the world to various sites to secure partnerships with artists, institutions, and galleries.


The HERO App will be an essential component of the project and will be developed in stages. The initial version will be aimed for HERO holders and investors to track important metrics of their HERO holdings and rewards.

Purchasing HERO tokens in the first stage will need certain technical procedures, notably obtaining BNB on the Binance Smart Chain and purchasing HERO using PancakeSwap. Comprehensive guidance for this procedure will be made accessible in the near future.

As the app’s next stage in development, you can anticipate being able to purchase HERO tokens. The software will have a built-in safe wallet and a purchasing function for HERO tokens.

The Metahero Token (HERO)

HERO is a customized token designed to maximize efficiency and utility. Taxation may differ depending on the application. It was added to Binance Smart Chain to guarantee that the project is scalable and that investors may participate.

Deflationary: HERO is a deflationary coin, with a 5% charge applied to each transaction.

Smart Staking: 0-2 percent of each transaction is dispersed proportionately across all holders as a passive incentive. Their Smart Stacking system was designed from the ground up for optimum efficiency and security.

Burn: 0-2 percent of each transaction is burnt in perpetuity, maintaining an ever-dwindling supply of HERO.

Auto Liquidity: On Pacakeswap v2, 0-6 percent of each transaction is automatically contributed to liquidity. This will let them run their enterprise independently without having to pay high CES listing costs to secure sufficient liquidity.

Buyback & Burn: When total liquidity (on Pancakeswap) surpasses $10M, this feature is activated. Excess liquidity is released when HERO tokens are burned, and the BNB is utilized to buy back and burn even more HERO tokens. The team will first allow this capability with the community’s consent.

Utility: The HERO token will be the sole token utilized in the Metahero ecosystem. This includes using the 3D NFT Marketplace, paying for scans, royalties, and purchasing Metahero 3D scanners.


The HERO Launch

The Metahero launch was separated into sections. They had a private presale to which their tight network of crucial high-net-worth individuals were invited. Only investors who are personally acquainted with the team got considered.

This presale was followed by a public presale that was available only on Tenset Gems Platforms. Anyone having 1000 or more 10SET tokens was offered a chance to register for participation and purchase HERO tokens for up to 10 BNB (2M HERO).

Both the private and public pre-sales were the same price, and they raised exactly 10,000 BNB for 20% of the HERO supply.

HERO token was made available to the public on Pancakeswap v2 in early July. All of the 10,000 BNB raised was put to liquidity and permanently locked in with additional 20% of the HERO supply.

Token Distribution

Detail Token Distribution:

Team & Advisors: 20%

Strategic Partners: 10%

Marketing: 10%

Exchange Listings: 10%

Private Presale: 10%

Public Presale: 10%

Liquidity pool: 20%

Company reserves: 10%

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