Introducing LP Mining – Effortless mining tool by CoinWind

Despite some deny Bitcoin as a fad, many more start to see it as the future of trade. A 2020 study found that as many bigger companies and companies, including Microsoft, AT&T and Wikipedia, 36% of the small and medium-sized enterprises already embrace cryptocurrency. 

Although crypto currencies can be bought with real money, it is most generally “mined” with advanced hardware and software. In this article we will demonstrate to you more about using LP Mining, one of the most efficient mining applications.


LP mining is a high-yield commodity supplied by CoinWind. Liquidity pool (LP) In the subsequent DEX, the user will provide liquidity for a token pair. The DEX releases to the consumer LP Token. The user will then deposit his LP Token into the CoinWind project for income and every 5-10 minutes the revenues raised will be reinvested to produce greater incomes for users.


Save time and effort; the contract will automatically reinvest on a periodic basis in line with the policy of reducing the number of consumer operations; the platform will pay mining fees created by reinvestment, reducing users’ mineral costs;

Deposit and withdrawal revenues are received immediately and the combined interest revenue is increased.

Supported LP Token Pairs and corresponding APY

Supported LP Mining Token Pairs (HECO Version)











Supported LP Mining Token Pairs (BSC Version)












Mining Process

The public chain service HECO is the same as this tutorial; the public chain BSC is the same.

– Go to DEX to add liquidity: pick an LP pledge mining project to join and add cash to the appropriate DEX; 

– Go to DEX to add liquidity:

For an example, go to Pool and click on add liquidity to the MDX-USDT project on the MDEX website. Click the Supplies button to enter the respective MDX and USDT amounts.

– To check again, click the Confirm Supply button;

– Enter the fee for the miner and validate by clicking;

– Adding liquidity Successfully

How to join mining

Please refer to the wallet guide for making a wallet if the wallet is not linked

A new project needs authorisation first, press the permission button to validate and deposit it after effective authorisation wallet authorisation.


– Enter the quantity and click deposit

Submit after the miner’s fee confirmation

Successful deposit and start getting income


– Select the project, click on Withdraw

– Withdraw profit or stakings

With LP mining, the conversion of revenue and manual withdrawal are necessary to ensure that users are able to increase their revenue and deposit and withdrawal.

– Check miner’s fees

– Successfully withdrawing

Liquidity removal

The liquidity of the related DEX is removed as follows when the consumer is no longer interested in the LP mining:

– Open the DEX website or press the Add Liquidity of the project.

Please enter the Pool tab to see your liquidity and delete it after confirmation.

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