Introducing Infinite IFNT – A cross-chain NFT strategy game

July 2nd, 00:30 Launching $ IFNT on MDEX, its value increased by 6.5 times.

July 11st, 21:00 Launching $ IFNT on Pancakeswap

July 20th (provisional) Launching $ IFNT on Uniswap


INFINITE is the world’s first blockchain-based SLG strategic mobile game (similar games include EVE,三国志战略版,王国觉醒). INFINITE, sponsored by top-tier investment firms, is an amazing product created by 5 world-class blockchain teams at a cost of tens of millions of dollars!

The game generates a metaverse that is limitless, open, and ever-changing. Given that all data is kept on the chains, data centralization is no longer a concern for developers or consumers.

To encourage innovative users, about 25% of the game’s aggregate tokens (particularly the IFNT token) are provided. Such a fantastic incentive enables developers to completely capture users’ worth in novel ways, enabling users to amass riches via their intellect and ingenuity.

The Teams (Tencent Game Studio&Huobi)

The producer & Co-founder: FRANCIS PENG

FRANCIS PENG has ten years of game production experience at Ubisoft and Tencent. He was the principal designer of the Tencent Timi L1 Sudio, performing tasks such as overall design and commercial value realization.

Co-founder & Lead developer: LEON LIU

LEON LIU has a decade of game development experience at Tencent and Snail Games. He was in charge of creating the primary background programs of and at Tencent Timi L1 Sudio.


Tokens for acquiring technology and resources include IFNT and other stable currencies. Tokens used to build and improve projects on planets will be reimbursed, and certain utility tokens will be burned.

The maximum token supply is 100 million, of which 50% may be obtained within the game (in 5 years), 25% is set aside as a DA0 fund (incentives for innovative users), 5% is set aside for liquidity and institutional finance, and the remainder is set apart for marketing. The lock-up period lasts 12 months.

The total amount of tokens in circulation must be fewer than 2 million, and bonuses may not be collected until claimants have added LP. The operators can maintain a deflationary paradigm by burning and staking tokens.

About the Sponsor

Supernova (Huobi-affiliated) and Huobi, with access to Mdex’s whitelist, have raised over $10 million in financing.

Highlights feature

1. The costs of objects, NFTs, leveling up, and battles inside the game are not designed to be profitable. All earnings are utilized to repurchase IFNTs, which will be burned later. HECO has burned 24,000 tokens in the first two days.

2. The game is sponsored by a team of experienced producers with ten years of experience at Tencent and Huobi.

3. The game is built on HECO, BSC, and ETH, which will all be on the whitelist.

4. The supernova credit system will be included later in the game. Players with greater levels and better things can earn higher ratings, resulting in increased credit limits and leverage rates.

5. Within the quota of 300u for each individual, the first 100 purchasers in this group can enjoy a favorable price of private placement, at 1u. The starting price is available from HECO.

6. The AMA events are frequently attended by well-known KOLs and management, and INFINITE will be towards the top of the list of NFT games. It will have a large HECO and Tencent user base.

7. INFINITE has received extensive media and community attention. NFT and gaming will be the emphasis of HECO in the second part of this year.

Source : bscdaily

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