Introducing Endurance: Fusionist’s Mainnet

What is Endurance?

Endurance Explorer

Fusionist started with Alpha Prestige (, a centralized user engagement reward system, which successfully got over 130k high-quality web3 users. Endurance is the decentralized upgrade of Alpha Prestige built on it’s own sidechain. Endurance will not only be used by Fusionist but by partners and other games in the future.

What is ACE?

ACE is the main token of Endurance, with the goal of allowing users to engage and earn.

Ticker symbol: ACE

Total supply: 147Mn

Initial supply: 1.47Mn for the first 60 days. Full tokenomics will be published in the near future.

How to earn ACE?

On launch there will be 7 ways to earn ACE as seen above.

When holding multiple of Alpha Prestige, an equal number of multipliers of ACE will be awarded, no cap limited.

The default effective cap number for Quartan Prime and BiMech is 3, but they all have BOAT to increase the cap up to 6.

What is BOAT?


BOAT stands for Bound On-Chain Achievement Token. BOAT’s are non-transferable and non-tradable tokens that are available to purchase with ACE giving the user special perks and increasing the ACE earning potential.

BOATs are not stackable: Only the highest level BOAT will be effective at any given time. This means if you own a level 2 and a level 1 BOAT only level 2 will be active.

One of the primary use cases of BOAT is to enhance the daily earning potential of ACE, as well as provide various game-related advantages and benefits.

As an example, by holding a Snowflake level 1 BOAT, users can earn an additional 0.1 ACE each time they use ACE Pump.

How to Mint BOAT’s?

All the BOAT are available to purchase with ACE given criteria are met.

All sales ‘revenue’ from BOATs will be 100% burned, on a bi-weekly basis.

According to the results of our model calculations, based on 50,000 unique DAUs, the revenue from BOATs purchased by users accounted for 63% of the supply in the first 60 days of ACE.

Welcome to our community for more details about the Endurance:




Source : bsc.medium

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