Introducing eBook Devourers – The First Read2Earn (R2E) Platform

EBD Token aims to incentivize reading by creating a blockchain-based reward system for users.

Read eBooks | Earn Rewards

eBooks Devourers is a Read2Earn (R2E) platform that leverages the full potential of Web3 to promote the excellence of local businesses, support the artistic scene, and fulfill the expectations of authors/reading oriented to discover the most authentic eBooks. The EBD Token ecosystem endeavors to connect content creators and local businesses with a global audience and ultimately establish EBD as a “Reading Reward” by incentivizing the adoption of blockchain technology.

By reading e-books on the platform, users can earn $EBD tokens, the platform’s native token, as a reward. The platform aims to incentivize reading and learning by providing a financial reward for users who interact with the content. A blockchain-based rewards system is beneficial to both the platform and the users as it allows for transparent and secure tracking of user activity and rewards.

Authors can anonymously (because of political issues or otherwise) publish their unique ebooks (+copyrights rules). Existing authors (less-popular ones) will need to KYC to publish their e-books in any language in any territory. Also, the doxxed publishers can add their e-books to the platform afterward.


The EBD Token is currently in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage, with 10% (21 billion EBD) of the total supply allocated for the phase. Users can find information about the ICO and how to purchase EBD Tokens here. The project will airdrop users who sign up and participate in the ICO before the expiry date on February 27. Other benefits to ICO buyers include getting Whitelisted on the (Cross Platform) beta application, access to eBook renting on the EBD Marketplace, and a chance of getting an exclusive EBD-NFT (eBook) on EBD MP or OpenSea. The NFT page will also be launching soon.

How to Buy EBD Token on EBD IDO

EBD Token – Utility

Built on BNB Chain, the $EBD Token (BEP-20) is the native token used as a reward for users on the platform. It can be used to purchase e-books on the platform and will be available for trading on various crypto exchanges, including DEXes like PancakeSwap, according to the project whitepaper.

The token provides discounts, promotions, and experiences across the Reading Reward as well as NFT purchases on the Marketplace. In addition, $EBD holders will have the opportunity to participate in the EBD DAO and contribute to the ecosystem’s development. Learn more about EBD tokenomics in the whitepaper.

In subsequent phases of the roadmap, authors will be able to publish their e-books as NFTs on the EBD platform.

The EBD Ecosystem

The EBD ecosystem is made up of several components working together to incentivize reading and learning.

  • EBD Token Website: A website that provides users with information about the platform, the e-books available, and the rewards system.
  • $EBD: The native token used as a reward for users who engage with the platform.
  • EBD-app(Cross Platform): Windows/Mac, Mobile app for iOS and Android that provides several key functionalities to navigate EBD Token’s ecosystem. Among the features include the ability to create and import wallets, buy $EBD with Fiat currency, purchase and display NFTs, and directly use NFT tickets across EBD’s venues to access events.
  • EBD Token NFT Marketplace: Native NFT platform that houses collections of EBD-based acclaimed and upcoming artists, authors, and brands, as well as exclusive NFT collectibles that offer users access to a range of products, promotions, lifestyle experiences, and events within the Reading Reward program with special perks. The NFT collections can be purchased on the Marketplace using $EBD, $WBNB, and Fiat currency (in Phase 3).
  • EBD PB (Publishers – Phase 4): Annual conference on Web3 and blockchain hosted on EBD Reading Reward. The primary objective is to convene experts from around the world and representatives from various industries, cultures, and institutions to explore the endless opportunities in blockchain. EBD Token’s continuous efforts to transform EBD into a “Reading Reward” standard by educating the public, businesses, and institutions about the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology has led to the inception of EBD PB. There is also no limit to categories like religious books, etc.

Audit Check

In order to guarantee the safety of the platform, EBD Token has undergone smart contract audits by industry security firm Techrate. EBD token will continue to effectively monitor and protect the platform against any potential security breaches.

EBD Token is looking to revolutionize the way people approach reading and learning. With the ICO still ongoing, the project offers investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a potentially game-changing platform.

Stay updated with EBD Token and its development via the following links:

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