Introducing Bitspawn, A Global Decentralized Gaming Economy

Bitspawn is a gaming blockchain technology designed for mass adoption that is building digital infrastructure for gamers.


Bitspawn, which is powered by Solana, allows all players to earn money without interruption. The SPWN coin, which provides value in building a marketplace of competitive events and community incentives, drives the Bitspawn network. Bitspawn allows for the creation of a fundamentally new platform for esports participation based on decentralized protocols.


Bitspawn NFTs

Purchase, trade, and sell digital items. Replace digital goods with physical ones. With Bitspawn DEFI, you may lend your NFTs to other players and earn interest on them.

Bitspawn DeFi

Decentralized gaming financing. Bitspawn has developed a mechanism that rewards participants for the liquidity they offer in competitive marketplaces. 

Bitspawn DAO

Bitspawn is managed via a DAO structure. Bitspawn tokens represent voting power, which may be utilized directly or indirectly. 


Proof-of-Respawn Reward Mechanism

PoR is the smart contract algorithm used as part of the blockchain framework by Bitspawn. PoR is a token algorithm that promotes competition and advancement for participants. It allows “skill”-based algorithms to distribute rewards and may be linked with current gaming APIs to match player, developer and brand motivation to boost growth.

Game Data Automation

Bitspawn Gaming Oracle Protocol allows online and off-chain gaming data to be aggregated. Bitspawn SDK integrates game data so that community developers may create sophisticated gaming applications and devices. Bitspawn offers analytical tools to make decision-making based on data to promote product uptake, customer loyalty, and product innovation.

Decentralized Finance done right for gamers

Liquidity suppliers are encouraged to pay their fees. Promoting liquidity for the NFT producers and gaming communities. The percentage of trading charges paid by customers who utilize the pool to exchange tokens is automatically divided to all liquidity suppliers according to their stake size.


IDO price — $0.015

Private sale — $0.012

Seeds sale — $0.00375

Total Supply — 2,000,000,000 $SPWN

Initial circulating supply — 158,000,000 $SPWN

Allocation percentages — Sale 30%, Team 20%, Ecosystem 30%, Liquidity/rewards 20%

Lockup periods and vesting schedule — Investors are vested over 6–9 months depending on the round. Team tokens are locked for 1 year and vested over the second year.

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