Inspex Co Audits WUSD for Wault Finance Signaling Imminent Stablecoin Relaunch

Inspex has successfully audited the WUSD smart contract and deems it trustworthy.

Wault Finance Announce Audit For WUSD 

Wault Finance has completed its audit of the Wault USD ($WUSD) smart contract ahead of its upcoming relaunch. 

A professional cybersecurity firm, Inspex, performed the audit. According to Wault Finance’s Tweet on 19th August, the audit has added new security upgrades to its stablecoin asset. In addition, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform also announced that WUSD would be relaunched soon. 

“Our audit for #WUSD with new security upgrades has just been completed by @InspexCo. #WUSD relaunch coming soon!” the DeFi platform announced on Twitter. 

Inspex also congratulated Wault Finance on Twitter for passing the security audit successfully. The audit report was issued on 19th August and conducted on WUSDMaster smart contracts to verify its security posture. 


Audit Summary 

As stated earlier, the security audit was for the verification of Wault Finance’s WUSDMaster smart contracts. It was conducted on 11th August, and the Inspex team examined all smart contracts and the overall operation with the core aim of understanding the overall performance of WUSDMaster smart contracts. 

Inspex summarized the result of the smart contract verification in the audit report. According to the security firm, WUSDMaster smart contract passes its security verification standard and is trustworthy. 

“In the audit, Inspex found 3 high, 2 medium, 3 low, 1 very low, and 1 info-severity issues,” Inspex’s audit result revealed. “With the project team’s response, 3 high, 2 medium, 3 low, and 1 very low-severity issues were resolved in the reassessment, while only 1 very low-severity issue was acknowledged by the team. Therefore, Inspex trusts that WUSDMaster smart contracts have sufficient protections to be safe for public use. However, in the long run, Inspex suggests resolving all issues found in this report.” 

Regarding smart contract verification, static code analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual review were done to detect its vulnerabilities. In addition, Inspex provided practical recommendations on the audit report for each vulnerability found, which Wault Finance should follow. Read Inspex’s audit report to view the full analysis and recommendations. 


The Importance of Audits Cannot Be Overemphasized 

BSCNews hosted a security summit on Thursday, August 19th, via YouTube. The summit featured top projects like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community, SafePal WalletImmunefiHackenOntology (ONTO wallet), and PancakeBunny

The goal of the online summit was to educate all DeFi users, whether beginner or experienced, about the essential security measures in the crypto space. 

Each representative of selected projects discussed the importance of security and how it has enhanced their projects. Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem coordinator, Samy, spoke of the importance of security in the August 19th BSCNews security summit. 

“Driving security and best practices across the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is the number one priority, and we have several significant initiatives to push that forward,” he said. 

Listeners of the educational event also won limited Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Thanks to YouTube’s online streaming platform, you can go back and learn about security as the BSC ecosystem is expanding at a breakneck pace. 

About Wault Finance 

Wault Finance is an all-in-one DeFi platform built on the BSC and Polygon. The platform connects all primary DeFi use cases within one simple ecosystem. This is achieved by providing the masses with a secure environment, avoiding expensive fees and confusing interfaces. 

Wault Finance has some unique features like Wault Launchpad (new projects presales), Wault Locker (liquidity locks for new or established projects), Wault farms (staking and farming), and many other exciting services. With this in mind, the platform looks to amplify trust and wealth accumulation for users. 

Where to Find Wault Finance: Website Twitter Medium Discord Telegram |

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