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Let’s take a closer look at gaming and sports projects in the Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator.

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Let’s take a look at three projects in the Launchpool Web3 Techstar Accelerator program, that are all based on innovations in the gaming and sports space.

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On June 30, Techstars held a demo day in Dublin, Ireland, with participation from nine potential startups in Web3, including the three we are putting in the spotlight here:


FounderWill Martin

DescriptionLiveDuel is a decentralized sports betting platform built to give users a fairer deal than traditional sports betting sites.

The platform offers high-speed, secure, decentralized, collateralized and transparent transactions, with zero gas fees paid by the end user.

LiveDuel also offers live streaming and interactive content, so fans can enjoy the game and participate in real-time.

Blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Bepro


FounderJeff Donnelley

Description: MegaFans is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to compete in multiplayer online tournaments for cash prizes.

“MegaFans is making a significant impact on the gaming industry, bridging Web2 to Web3 for the 3 billion daily active mobile gamers today. We’re releasing our SDK this year, so our community can create a cross-platform ecosystem, unique to the space,” MegaFans Founder Jeff Donnelly told Web3Wire.

So far there are three published games on the platform: Candy Boo Mania, Tunnel Tournament, and Crash n Win.

Blockchain: Polygon

Big Fan

FounderKurt Pittman

DescriptionBig Fan gives die-hard fans the chance to own a piece of their favorite teams, players, clubs and competitions, via officially licensed NFTs that provide access to metaverse-driven fan experiences.

All digital collectibles are produced in collaboration with clubs, teams, organizations, and athletes in sports across the world. Fans can use Big Fan’s open market to purchase and sell their sports NFTs.

Blockchain: Polygon

What Is Techstars:

Techstars is an investment and innovation group connecting entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and city governments to solve challenges across industries and geographies. They pioneered the accelerator program model in 2006, working towards their vision of a connected global economy of innovation.

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